31 Top Blogs To Help You Become A More Successful Blogger

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is trying to follow too many blogs at the same time. There are lots of awesome blogs in the online marketing industry but it doesn't mean that you have to follow all of them.

All you have to do is pick a few of the top blogs that are related to your niche and follow those.

But, because of the sheer number of blogs online, weeding out the lower quality ones could prove to be a difficult task, which is why we've put together this post of the best blogs online today that will provide you with valuable, up-to-date information on Internet marketing.

31 Top Blogs To Help You Become A More Successful Blogger:

Authority Hacker


Video Fruit


Ahrefs Blog


Twelve Skip






Audience Bloom Blog


Content Champion


Be a Better Blogger




Blog Tyrant


Smart Passive Income


Blogger Sidekick


Social Media Examiner






Blogging Basics 101




Blogging Wizard


KISSmetrics Blog




By Regina


Content Marketing Institute


The Daily Egg


Copy Hackers


Digital Marketer Blog


Entrepreneurs Journey


GetResponse Blog






Mad Lemmings

The main categories in this blog include blogging, making money online, and digital marketing in general.

There is a team of marketing geniuses behind this blog, and if you subscribe, you'll have lots of awesome posts to look forward to.

There's also a podcast and a membership program that you can sign up to get training and more.

This blog is owned by Bryan Harris and its main focus is on email marketing and video marketing.

Bryan began working on the VF blog to help marketers learn to use video effectively for their businesses.

Lately, he has been sharing some wonderfully actionable tips on how to build and grow your email list as well as how to launch products. It's all super cool stuff that you absolutely must check out.

The top categories in this blog are Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing.

Ahrefs is one of the most popular Internet marketing blogs right now thanks to the mega guides and case studies that they publish.

If you're looking to up your content marketing and SEO game, then this blog is one that you should consider following.

If you want to learn all about web design, then the Twelve Skip blog is one that you should follow.

It's owned by Pauline Cabrera and mainly focuses on the areas of online marketing and web design. Top categories include blogging, social media, and web design.

On their blog, you will find tons of helpful advice and actionable guides.

This blog owned by Amy Lynn Andrews focuses on blogging and content creation.

It's all about helping those who are new to blogging to avoid all the pitfalls that most newbies fall into.

This 10-year old blog covers a variety of topics that are related to blogging success including blogging basics, SEO, content creation, and monetizing blogs.

The Backlinko blog is owned by Brian Dean, a well-known and much respected online marketer. It's a leading online resource when it comes to SEO.

The blog's top categories are SEO, content marketing, and link-building. There's a lot of valuable content on this blog including advanced promotion tactics that you need to check out if you want to become a pro at SEO.

This blog is owned by Jayson DeMers and Audience Bloom. It focuses on content marketing, blogging, and SEO.

This blog publishes quite a lot of content aimed at people who are building their blogs. If you're just getting started, then check out their posts on how to build a successful blog. You will definitely get a lot of useful advice from this blog.

Loz James is the owner of this blog, and he publishes some super cool posts on social media marketing, content marketing, and digital marketing as a whole.

He also has a podcast where he interviews some of the biggest names online. Be sure to listen in on some of them and you'll learn a lot.

This blog, owned by Kevin J. Duncan specializes in the area of blogging.

The top categories include blogging and email marketing. Be a Better Blogger started in 2014 and is still gaining in popularity thanks to the epic blog posts that are published on the site every week.

If you're looking to boost your blogging techniques, then this blog is one to follow.

There's no way this one couldn't have made it on this list. Copyblogger is owned by Brian Clark and Rainmaker Digital.

It is one of the largest blogs in the world, and it mainly focuses on the area of content marketing and copywriting, and their top categories being content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and writing.

Blog Tyrant is owned by Ramsay Taplin and focuses mainly on blogging and email marketing-related topics.

The lengthy posts and detailed guides published on their blog are packed full of useful, actionable advice to help you build and grow a successful online business.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in blogging and email marketing, then you should follow Blog Tyrant.

This blog is owned by Pat Flynn who is one of the biggest names in online marketing.

The main focus is blogging and online marketing and the blogs top categories are affiliate marketing, blogging, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

Pat Flynn is a blogging and marketing pro who loves to share his experiences with those who are still finding their way. He even shares his monthly income reports on the blog.

Owned by Will Blunt, the main topics that this blog focuses on are blogging, content marketing, email marketing, and SEO.

This is a very popular blog for a reason.

Will posts about blogger outreach and helps bloggers to build relationships with other bloggers. If this is an area where you're not excelling at the moment, then this blog is one you should definitely check out.

Michael Stelzner owns this blog which focuses on blogging, social media marketing, and SEO.

If you want to boost the social aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy, then this is the site to follow. Social Media Examiner is one of the largest online resources for social media marketing, and you will definitely learn a lot from this blog.

Blogging.org is owned by Zac Johnson, a well-known and highly successful blogger and entrepreneur. The main categories on the blog are blogging and web hosting reviews.

Zac shares a lot of content on his blog, but it's all well researched and well-written stuff that you will appreciate. He also runs ZacJohnson.com and BloggingTips.com, both high-quality resources.

This blog is owned by Steven Mann and gives honest reviews of business opportunity products as well as a wealth of informative, educational articles on all aspects of digital marketing.

The top categories include content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

If you want help avoiding shiny object syndrome, and creating a clear path to your online marketing success, then this is the blog to follow.

Jessica Knapp owns this blog, and she's all about helping people learn how to start blogging and make money from it.

The top categories on her blog are blogging and content marketing. BB 101 is great for those who are just getting started and her free beginner's guide is one of the best ones around.

Matthew Barby's blog is all about email marketing, content marketing, and SEO. Matthew is one of the most successful digital marketers and influencers online right now.

On his blog, he shares lots of amazing content on what he has learned in all his years online. This is a great blog to follow to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends.

Blogging Wizard is owned by Adam Connell and focuses mainly on blogging, email marketing, content marketing, WordPress, and product reviews.

Adam and his team publish great content packed full of value. He also has another site that he works on called Linkology that you should check out.

KISSmetrics is an online marketing blog that is dedicated to teaching marketers everything they need to know about content marketing and email marketing.

This blog has a TON of amazing content and a lot of categories so it's definitely worth checking out.

Owned by Matthew Loomis, this blog is ideal for total noobs who want to learn how to build their own blog.

It focuses mainly on blogging for beginners and is a great resource for anyone who is just getting started from scratch in online marketing.

Matthew also offers The Blog Chronicles, a podcast where he interviews pro bloggers and some influencers from the blogging and online marketing fields.

This is a very cool blog owned by Regina Anaejionu. It focuses on blogging and marketing in general. They offer a range of online courses that are well constructed and packed full of value.

There's tons of great stuff on the blog as well, including some free resources such as workshops and courses. This is worth checking out if you're serious about your marketing education.

This blog is owned by Joe Pulizzi and, as the name implies, its main focus is content marketing.

The other categories included are email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

This is arguably the biggest content marketing blog in the industry. Pay them a visit to check out the wealth of content marketing knowledge that they have on their blog.

Owned by Crazy Egg, the daily egg is mainly focused on conversion rate optimization (CRO). Their top categories are CRO, email marketing, content marketing, and A/B Testing.

The Daily Egg is an awesome blog with a team of brilliant writers who regularly publish lots of next-level content that will help you boost your blog marketing efforts.

Owned by Joanna Wiebe, this blog is all about copywriting and online marketing as a whole.

If you want to up your internet marketing game and learn all about growth marketing, how to make it as a freelancer, or how to hone your copywriting skills, then this is the perfect blog for you to follow.

This list wouldn't be complete without the Digital Marketer blog which is owned by Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer.

The main categories on this blog are content creation, conversion rate optimization (CRO), A/B testing, email marketing, SEO, social media, and traffic generation strategies.

If it has anything to do with digital marketing, you'll find it on their blog.

Yaro Starak owns this blog which focuses on blogging, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing as a whole.

There's a huge amount of material that you can choose from, but if it's your first time visiting the blog, then you may want to check out Yaro's free ebook titled Blog Profits Blueprint 2.0 for some free blog training.

This blog is owned by GetResponse and it has a wealth of information on email marketing and content marketing.

If you want to learn about list-building, autoresponders and everything else to do with email marketing, then this blog will help you whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced marketer.

29. Hectorpreneur

Hector Cuevas owns this blog and the main topics that he focuses on include email marketing, content marketing, and online courses on marketing in general.

Hectorpreneur rebranded from InboundPro.net and shares lots of online courses on list building as well as how to create your own online courses.

There are a few free ones that you can check out if you're just getting started with your email marketing.

This blog owned by blogger and social influencer, Jeff Bullas is focused on social media marketing, blogging, content marketing, and SEO.

If you want to up your online marketing game then check out some of his posts on how to make money blogging, or how to craft the perfect blog post.

Owned by Ashley Faulkes, this blog helps you learn all you need to know about online marketing and speeding up your WordPress blog.

The top categories include blogging, content marketing, SEO, and WordPress.

They also do a lot of product reviews, but most marketers who love this blog appreciate the lessons on how to speed up their sites since website speed has become a major factor these days.

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Updated: Originally published September 26th 2018

July 23, 2020
  • Anita says:

    Well there got to be very many blogs on this topic, more so successful individuals running such blogs. I know quite a few but non of them is mentioned here. I guess I need to check this one out to add to my portfolio. Video blogging is one of my weak point, I need much help there hope I will learn something from Video Fruit.

  • Minhaj says:

    This is a good list, some I have not heard of before, there are a few SEO blogs that I believe deserve a mention

    matthew woodward

    Lots of free stuff on these blogs, I personally use a lot of stuff from diggitymarketing. Have even seen some of my rankings increase after applying a few methods.

  • kaeyoes says:

    These are great!   Thank you!

    I learned who I think I’ll be looking at now more closely and following 🙂  One that I think I’ll be favoring is TwelveSkip.  The others I will be looking at as well to keep on top of things.  

    Thank you for posting this list!  It’s really helpful!!!

  • Jon Lake says:

    With blogging being the number one way to start making money online, it can be a daunting task finding the right info to get you up and running. There is indeed a whole ton of rubbish out there.

    This is an extensive list, many of which I have not come across, so am looking forward to checking them out. 

    I also like ViperChill and MatthewWoodward and also Smart Passive Income from Pat Flynn.

    Well done on putting this together – an awesome library of useful info

  • Kit says:

    Wow this is a great list. I will need a lot of time to refer all of them. A good way to learn is to learn by examples. I guess a good SEO knowledge is number one to learn first. There are many more but I will see how they compose the content.

    • Steven says:

      Create quality content, then the SEO almost takes care of itself. Most put too much importance on SEO. Back when the search engines were less aware of content quality, you needed to help them out more with SEO, now they are much better at recognizing value.

      Post good content and you won’t have to do much for SEO.

      Thanks for the comment Kit!

  • Victor says:

    I definitely know all about being overwhelmed by the amount of blogs there are to help you with your own blog. Your list is a great because not only do you mention the name of the blogs but also add a description. Which made it easier for me to see which ones I want to check out. I didn’t know any of these blogs so thanks for the suggestions. 

    • Steven says:

      Glad to help. Finding good blogs isn’t easy. There are plenty out there, but not all are helpful. This list is meant to be a good jumping off point to find articles that will be of value for your particular situation.

      Thanks for the comment Victor!

  • Jurgen says:

    Completely agree with you! When I was starting out I was following soo many blogs and everyone said different things. It got me so confused that eventually I didn’t know what to do to make any good progress with my websites.

    You mention some excellent blogs. As of today I’m following Authority Hacker (they’ve got a great payed course too!), Ahrefs and NichePursuits. I see that last one is not in your list. Maybe you could check it out. It’s the blog of Spencer Hawks and he has a great online following.


  • James says:

    Wow thank you so much for sharing this information.  Just another great example how Wealthy Affiliate members help each other out.

    I’ve been watching Brian Deans Backllinko videos on youtube, and he definitly has some good ideas.  I haven’t been successful in impementing any of his techniques yet, though.

    I am a recent fan of Mad Lemmings too, lots of good advice there.  I can’t wait to get through some of these other sites, thank you so much.

  • Stew says:

    Now that has got to be the largest list of expert blogging sites i’ve ever seen.  I’ve got to check out some of these without getting too overwhelmed.

    There is so much great information here that is going to be so beneficial to me in my affiliate marketing endeavours.

    There are topics I am dying do learn about and this is the best post I’ve read in a while.

  • >