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5 Time Consuming Blog Tasks That You Should Outsource

As a blogger, it’s important to know that you can’t do everything on your own.

Being a Jack(ie) of all trades is actually going to make you a lot less productive in the long run. So, whether you’re short on skills or time, sometimes the best thing you can do is to outsource some of your blog tasks to people who have the time and expertise to do those things.

You obviously know how your blog can boost your business, and you know how important it is to stay consistent with the work that you do there, but to be honest, sometimes it can be really hard to get everything done, especially if you’re building your online business while trying to hold down a full-time job and a family.

When you’re in such a situation, it’s easy to push blogging aside for one of the other competing priorities such as the kids, your dog, your health, client deadlines, social events, and 101 other things.

You tell yourself that blogging can always wait…

When you have so many other due tasks that need your attention, the best thing you can do for yourself is to find easy and cost-effective ways to outsource some of those things so that your blog doesn’t end up becoming a ghost town.

This is the best way to ensure that the important things like promoting, networking, and nurturing your audience get done. These things are vital to your blog and letting them become secondary will undoubtedly be detrimental to your business goals.

So, use this article as your resource for the blog tasks that you can outsource so that you can take the weight off your shoulders, stop being everything to everyone, and direct your focus toward the game changers instead.


Because outsourcing blog tasks is really mostly about saving you time, this list also includes tools and tips on how to manage your outsourcing projects so that you get more from your efforts.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Blog Tasks

Putting some of your work in professional hands is beneficial in lots of different ways.

Listed below are just some of the advantages of letting others take on some of your blog tasks:
  • Outsourcing presents much less risk than hiring staff members full time since you’re not locked in a lengthy contract
  • The cost of outsourcing is typically lower since you only pay for what you get. You also get to save on overheads as well as other expenses related to hiring people
  • You can raise the quality of work done especially if you decide to hire experts or systematize tasks
  • Training is not always a requirement, especially if you’re bringing on someone who has experience
  • Outsourcing allows you to focus mainly on what you do best, as opposed to trying to wear every hat in your business
  • You’re in a position for sustainability when you outsource your tasks since your blog won’t be reliant on your efforts
  • When you start outsourcing, you will begin to see improved results, more traffic, and more customer engagement simply because you’re getting more done

And the very best thing about outsourcing blog tasks?

You don’t have to break the bank to do it!

You can make it happen for just a few dollars. Regardless of the size of your business, you can get started right now and outsource each of the tasks in isolation or you could spend a bit more and hire a blog manager or a content manager.

The sooner you begin, the faster you will grow.

5 Time-Consuming Blog Tasks You Can Outsource

1. Strategy

While most people believe that you can’t really ‘outsource’ your blog’s strategy, when it comes to content marketing, this is something that can actually work in your favor.

Just make sure that the person you outsource to understands your business goals so that they can align your content strategy with them.

There are also other tedious components of this that you can outsource and lean on those content creation experts to guide your strategy and get it going on the right path.

Tasks such as coming up with blog post ideas, creating and publishing content on your blog, marketing articles, and guest blogging.

You don’t have to be an expert in creating content if that isn’t your thing. Just find someone who is, then get them to create a preliminary strategy for your blog.

Tools and Tactics to help you save time when plotting your blog strategy

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator – This amazing tool doesn’t replace a savvy marketer, but it does save a lot of time and it helps to get the creative juices flowing.

UpWork – This is a great place to find freelancers to cover all aspects of your blog management. This platform is user-friendly and great for those who are new to outsourcing blog tasks.

Trello – This tool is great to use as an online hub for sharing ideas and content when you develop your content strategy and come up with ideas for blog posts.

It offers visual pin boards which make the entire process much easier.

2. Research

Tasks that involve research don’t call for as much intuition or strategic thought which makes them ideal for saving time by outsourcing all the grunt work.

Check out examples of outsourcing such tasks below:
  • Hiring an SEO expert to do the in-depth keyword research for your blog
  • Getting a virtual assistant (VA) to help you out if you’re doing it yourself
  • Getting a freelancer to find details of potential contributors to your blog
  • Hiring someone to conduct competitor analysis so that you can find content opportunities

As you already know, a lot of what you do on your blog is monotonous and repeatable.

Why not pay someone else to do it, and then teach them exactly how you like it to be done?

By creating a systemized blog writing process, everything will become easier and you can outsource various parts of it, particularly the research – whether it’s keyword research or general post research.

Tools and Tactics to help you save time while doing blog research

BuzzSumo – This is a great tool that is a massive time-saver. If you’re going to outsource all sorts of different blog tasks, then BuzzSumo will help you bring all the information together in one place.

SEMrush – Similar to BuzzSumo, this tool also allows you to quickly and easily find out information about your competitors including the keywords that they are ranking for. Outsourcing such research to freelancers is great because they already have the subscriptions to these tools, which means you get to save even more money!

Snagit – This tool lets you take screencasts and screen stills that you can then annotate with text and other information. This is extremely helpful when outsourcing a task because you can create a simple, step-by-step process and pair it with a voice over before turning it into a screencast using this tool.

3. Content Creation

We touched a bit on content creation in the ‘strategy’ section, but this topic deserves a more in-depth look because the creation of content requires various levels of experience and skill to execute effectively.

Here are some examples of how you can outsource some of your content creation tasks:
  • Create audio files and get them transcribed into blog posts
  • Hire someone to create images for your blog to create a consistent look
  • If you accept guest blog post contributions, then get a blog manager to find potential contributors
  • Get a VA or blog manager with some web skills to upload blog posts and format, add images, etc.

The quality of your content can be improved with just a few tiny tweaks from a different set of eyes, and if you have an editor to do that, then great.

But if you don’t, you can use tools like Grammarly to proofread your work.

It would be even better if you could just hire an expert blog content writer who has the experience as well as a proven track record when it comes to creating great content.

Tools and Tactics to help you save time on content creation

SpeechPad – This tool is great if you want to transcribe audio or video files. It only costs about a dollar for every minute of transcription and because it’s human generated, the quality is very good.

Canva – There’s no need to look for a graphic designer if you want unique blog images. These days even a five-year-old can create professional looking images with just a few clicks using tools like Canva.

Piktochart – This tool helps you create some truly awesome infographics. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring an assistant to do it for you, creating your infographic is going to be a breeze with Piktochart.

4. Promotion

This is an essential part of the process of running your blog successfully, but it doesn’t mean that you need to saddle yourself with monotonous, repetitive tasks. Let others do some of the promotion for you.

Here are some examples of what you can outsource:
  • Run outreach campaigns on email or social media. You can use tools like BuzzStream,, Buffer, and YesWare.
  • Keep up the ongoing repromotion of your evergreen content with tools like Meet Edgar
  • Social media management to get your site found and grow your audience using Social Oomph and other similar tools which make everything easy to automate
  • Add content to social media platforms and keeping track of the audience engagement
  • Create regular emails to your subscribers.
  • Repurpose previous blog posts into new formats to expose your blog to an even bigger audience.
  • Leverage infographics, slideshares, podcasts, and videos
Tools and Tactics to help you save time when promoting your content – This platform helps you to promote your content by connecting you with influencers in your niche over email and also on social media.

YesWare – This is a plugin for Gmail and it allows you to send outreach campaigns on a large scale. It also tracks the email open rates and click rates, as well as scheduling automated follow-ups.

Meet Edgar – This piece of software is a must-have for your marketing toolkit. It stores an entire library of social media messages and then sends them out on a recurring schedule. This is ideal for your evergreen content.

5. Optimization

If you are serious about growing your business, then you definitely need to outsource the tasks in this section.

These are easily outsourced to others who have less expertise than you but it saves you a bunch of time that you can spend on other aspects of your business.

Examples of how you can outsource the optimization of your business include:

Link prospecting to find potential people to back-link to your blog content.

This is a research task for optimizing your site for search. If you’re not very good at SEO strategy, then just find someone who is at any one of the many freelance marketplaces.

But, if you know your stuff, and you feel that you can do the link prospecting process well enough yourself, then you can quickly show a generalist virtual assistant to do the work for you.

Let them find the things you need.

You should regularly update your internal links to make sure that you don’t have any broken ones and also to link new posts to relevant anchor content in order to boost your SEO strategy.

Use WPCurve or another similar service to accomplish some of these smaller WordPress tasks, but you can outsource this and other optimization tasks like image optimization and on-page SEO to any VA who has some basic tech skills.

Tools and Tactics to help you save time when optimizing your blog content

Yoast SEO – This plugin for WordPress is great for those who need a little guidance when it comes to optimizing their content for search.

BuzzStream – This tool is designed for email outreach campaigns. It allows you to develop templates and add in contacts. You can then integrate it with the email service provider that you’re currently using and conduct massive outreach campaigns in just a few clicks.

WP Smush. It – This tool serves one purpose only: to reduce the size of your images and improve the speed of your website. This boosts your SEO efforts and is well worth doing.

In Conclusion

If you want to see rapid growth in your business, then you have to scale up your content efforts.

The best way to do that without working yourself to exhaustion is by outsourcing or using tools that are designed to automate the tasks and save you time.

Take a look at all the tasks that you perform for your blog.

What could be done more effectively and efficiently through outsourcing or the use of one of the tools mentioned above?

Feel free to post your comment below.  An email address is required but it will not be shared with anyone, put on any list, or used for any kind of marketing, just to alert you if there are any replies. Thanks and happy hunting!


Updated: Originally published August 4th 2018

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  1. Kris

    There are some really helpful tips in this post, thank you!
    I have been running a blog and it can at times get overwhelming, there is so much to do, socials, promotions, writing, videos, commenting. Outsourcing using some of these great tools is a great idea so that you can run your business more efficiently. Time is the most important element for anyone not just bloggers.

    1. Steven

      Running an online business can be quite exhausting if you try doing it all manually. Here are a few more automation ideas for online businesses if you are interested. I am happy to hear you found the post useful.

      Thanks for the comment Kris!

  2. Jennifer

    Very nicely organized and written site. I am very glad that you wrote on this subject because I know that I can say at least for myself that these are some of the “hurdles” that I was debating about blogging. It makes the task less daunting and gives the reader options that can make blogging more fun and easier to accomplish.

    1. Steven

      Glad you found some good stuff in the article.

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  3. Angelina

    Thanks for the helpful information. I’ve been thinking about outsourcing my blog at some point. It would really save me a lot of time and also bring some different levels of creativity to my website. My only concern with it would be the price of some of the tasks, but I could look past that. Your website is very informal and really helped out a lot. Keep it up!

    1. Steven

      I try to keep things non-stuffy. I’m happy the article was of some help to you.

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  4. HappyB

    What a useful article Steven.
    You are so right, there is a point when you become good enough at all these tasks to judge if the outsourced work is up to standard and then is the time to expand.
    I think most people’s fears are that by outsourcing, you are giving away your secrets and plans to other people.
    What do you think?
    By splitting the tasks amongst several different outsources, is that keeping control and securing your ideas and plans?
    I find that using social media is a pain where the sun don’t shine and I would love to outsource that, but writing content is something I am beginning to really enjoy.
    I have bookmarked this one Steven and thanks again.
    BTW, did you outsource the authoring of this article? It is really well written.

    1. Steven

      If you have actual ‘secret formulas’ I would avoid outsourcing that part if possible. Outsource the time consuming tasks so you can focus more on promoting your site and other important tasks.

      I do outsource some of the writing, I just don’t have time to write all my articles. I post multiple times a week and each article is about 2000 words.

      Thanks for the comment HappyB!

  5. tim

    Love these pointers. One of our most valuable resources is our time. Building a website takes a lot of that – so it’s great to see some of these practical tips are available for us to maximize that valuable commodity.

    This really has me reviewing my practices to see how I can improve on my productivity.

    Super job sharing this invaluable info!

    1. Steven

      Glad you thought the article was valuable and you got some good information from it.

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