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How To Use 6 Elements For Deploying A Highly Effective Squeeze Page

Most bloggers spend a massive amount of time working on attracting more visitors to their site. But getting tons of traffic means nothing if those people are not the right type that your business needs.

You have to ensure that you’re attracting the ideal people and once you do, you must find a way of getting them on to your email list so that over time you can communicate with them, create relationships, build trust, and ultimately turn them into customers.

Whether the traffic comes from paid ads or if it’s organic traffic from SEO, social media, or guest blogging, what exactly is happening once those people land on your site?

How do you go about increasing the chances of you not only finding the ideal audience but also being able to communicate with them again and again over email?

Driving targeted traffic to your site is very important, but what’s even more important is ensuring that the traffic lands on a specific page that is designed to get conversions.

The most effective way of turning your visitors into subscribers is by creating a squeeze page.

Let’s Look at What a Squeeze Page Actually Is…

A squeeze page is basically a landing page with one single goal: to get the people who land on it to subscribe to your email list.

The design of this kind of landing page allows you to build trust quickly enough to make visitors give you their email address on the spot. In essence, you offer them something of value (a lead magnet) to ‘squeeze’ the email address out of them.

A squeeze page is unique in that it doesn’t contain any hyperlinks, a navigation menu, a sidebar, or any distracting ads. It’s super focused on its single purpose.

This means that the visitor doesn’t have any other choices on that page than to opt-in, so they can either take that action or they leave the page by hitting the ‘back’ button.

Now, the question becomes why you should care about that.

When you grow your list of email subscribers, you’re building an extremely valuable asset that will eventually take your business growth to the next level. The value of your email list will only accrue over time and it will significantly amplify your marketing efforts.

One of the best ways of ensuring that you’re making the most of the traffic that you generate is by increasing conversions on your landing pages.

Remember that your audience has a short attention span of about 8 seconds which means that your ‘wooing’ time is very limited. You have to get them to take the bait as quickly as you possibly can.

When you compare this to regular methods of collecting email addresses such as the sidebar opt-in forms, it means that a squeeze page that is well-designed will have the potential to add laser-targeted subscribers to your email list at a rate that is much higher.

How a Squeeze Page Works

Your goal is to find a way of selling the benefits of your prospects joining your email list so that they pay you for that benefit by giving you their email address.

The people who land on your squeeze page don’t really care about any of the technical stuff. All they care about is how you will solve their problems or help them get what they desire.

This means that your squeeze page has to offer a powerful, bold, and believable promise that will compel the visitors to part with their email address.

Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s not.

In fact, it’s really easy to create a successful squeeze page that will get you the best results possible.

Listed below are some elements of a great squeeze page to guide you in making better choices when you create yours.

Implementing these elements into your squeeze page creation process will help you to increase your conversions, grow your list, as well as strengthen your business’s long-term viability.

1. Don’t Break The Visitors’ Flow

Make sure that your squeeze page provides a natural progression from whatever the last step was that your visitors took to reach the page.

It’s important to maintain that flow and continuity because it’s a major determining factor in your conversion rate. It’s one of the things that can make or break the opportunity you have of attracting new leads.

Say you’re driving traffic from Facebook ads, this would mean that your squeeze page copy has to match your ad so that the progression is seamless from when they click on the ad (which is their last action) to when they reach the squeeze page.

The squeeze page that you create should also match the overall look and feel of your own site.

If you have a totally different color scheme or theme, you may distract your visitors from the page’s call to action which would ultimately reduce your conversion rates.

2. Your Headline Should Be Benefit-Driven

The first thing that your squeeze page visitors are going to notice is your headline. In previous posts, we talked about the importance of headlines.

Here it’s one of the most vital elements because it’s ‘above the fold’. This means that your visitors will see it without having to scroll down the page.

The purpose of your headline (in this case) is to grab their attention and give them a compelling and practical reason to continue reading the rest of your copy as well as take action (giving you their email).

Your headline does not have to be witty or fancy. It’s not about trying to look clever or smart.

The key here is to make it benefit-driven. So as long as you can communicate a firm promise that you will deliver on, then you’re good to go.

Use your headline to sell the idea that what you offer has the power to take your visitors to a whole new destination from where they are to where they want to be. A better, more attractive place where everything seems easier and their dreams are closer…

Entice them to sign up by giving your headline the appropriate emotional triggers.

3. Craft a Great Supporting Headline

Similar to the subheadings in your posts, the supporting headlines are extensions of the main headlines. They give a little more information to keep the reader interested so that they continue scrolling.

By this stage, any of your visitors who are highly engaged will already have enough information to sign up, and those who are not sure yet will be compelled to scroll down and keep reading.

Use your supporting headlines to build curiosity and this will make the offer way more interesting, which in turn will increase your chances of making conversions.

Writing great supporting headlines is easy.

Just imagine that you’re trying to paint a picture in the mind of a potential subscriber, and that picture has to be positive and push them into taking action.

But, it’s important that when you write your supporting headline you don’t reveal too much.

You want to leave a bit of an information gap in your headline and your supporting headline so that your visitors will be intrigued enough to want to find out more.

4. Your Squeeze Page Should Have a Compelling Narrative

Your squeeze page also needs to have a compelling narrative that goes a bit deeper into the benefits that your prospects are going to get from what you’re offering them.

It has to show them the real and the perceived value that they will get when they sign up for your email list.

Your sign up rates will be directly proportional to the amount of value that you can show them. However, your copy must go beyond just showing them the value.

It has to help your would-be subscribers understand exactly why they must take the bait.
  • What are they going to GET after they opt-in?
  • How are they going to FEEL?
  • How is your offer going to make their life BETTER/EASIER?
  • How is your offer going to move them CLOSER to their desires?
  • How are you going to help them boost their social STATUS? And so on…

Unless you can make it extremely clear as to WHY they should opt in, they will not be motivated enough to move forward and complete the sign up.

When describing your offer, make a point of focusing on quality. Your main concern should be how the incentive you’re offering can deliver true value to your audience. This will be shown in your narrative.

And by the way, when I say provide value I don’t mean that you should attempt to write a 50-page ebook or something like that.

A simple one-page cheat sheet can easily give away just as much value, if not more. In fact, according to some studies conducted online, these are more effective as lead magnets and they pack a bigger punch than massive ebooks, detailed reports, or lengthy videos.

So the bottom line is that the copy of your squeeze page should give your prospects a legitimate reason to trust your claim and/or promise.

Simply put, just show them where they are today, and where they can be tomorrow should they choose to become one of your subscribers.

5. Short video

People find videos extremely engaging, and while they are not essential to the success of your squeeze page, they will definitely boost your conversions.

A major study done by EyeViewDigital shows that when you use videos on landing pages, your conversions increase by up to 80%.

I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to convince me to try them on any landing page that I build.

Add a short video to summarize your main message, but leave out all the fluff, and you will enhance your chances of turning those visitors to your squeeze page into subscribers.

A well-executed and engaging video will also increase the amount of time that your visitors spend on your site which is great for your SEO.

Google is impressed by such things, so it’s worth considering even if only just for that.

Since the aim of your entire squeeze page is to convince your visitors to give you their email addresses, the core message within that page should revolve around this solitary goal.

Focus your video on reemphasizing your message to ensure that prospects see the advantages of doing so.

Use it to remove any last minute doubts from your prospects’ minds, so you can close the deal.

6. Give Your Prospects Backstage Access

A lot of people these days value their email addresses and they will probably want to know a little more about what they will get before giving you their contact info.

They are going to be very curious as to how what you’re offering works, and they may want to get a sneak peek into it.

You can increase the trust of those prospects by showing them a behind-the-scenes preview of what they will get. This takes away some uncertainty and helps to tackle any lingering doubts in their minds.

For instance, say your lead magnet is access to software tools, you could let your prospects preview the software in advance via a short video screen cast.

By doing so, you not only increase their trust but you also increase their curiosity which means they will be more comfortable, and even eager, to give you their contact information.

Just remember that no matter what your free offer is, your prospects need to know it’s real.

They want to know exactly what they are getting into, and since the internet doesn’t have that touch-and-feel aspect to it when selling something, your next best option is to give them that visceral preview of what to expect.

In Conclusion

As you’ve seen there are many elements to creating a successful squeeze page. There are many more that you can use, but these are the main ones that make the most difference to your opt-in rates.

So if there are any on this list that you have not yet implemented into your squeeze page creation process, now is the time to do it.

Feel free to post your comment below. An email address is required but it will not be shared with anyone, put on any list, or used for any kind of marketing, just to alert you if there are any replies. Thanks and happy hunting!


Updated: Originally published July 16th 2018

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  1. Michael

    Thanks for the great tips on how to create a squeeze page.

    I agree that having a catchy headline is very important to grab your readers attention.

    Not only that, but also having a goof giveaway so people will be wanting to give you their email address.

    Have you had any experience in email marketing before, and if so what did you use as your free offer?

    1. Steven

      You can give away many different types of reports, blueprints, how-to’s, resource lists, etc. I advise they be of superior quality, this signals value and quality to your user and builds trust, also, they are less likely to just take the gift and immediately unsubscribe.

      I have used all of the above as lead magnets with great success.

      Thanks for the comment Michael!

  2. Jon

    Thanks for the great tips on constructing an effective squeeze page! In today’s age of short attention spans I can see why video would be so effective. Do you have any resources or recommendations on how to go about creating effective videos? Are these a resource I should get from somewhere else or make myself?

    Thanks for your insight!

    1. Steven

      You can do either. If you have the budget and are short of time go look at fiverr for the type of video you have in mind. They can be had fairly cheap, usually under $50-$70 for a 90 second whiteboard explainer video. 2d animated types are a bit more expensive.

      If you are the DIY type, you can make white board explainer videos fairly easily these days with software. The 2d animated type have a bit more of a learning curve but are worth the effort. Research this on Google, there are a few good platforms out there for 2d animated, whiteboard and other types of videos.

      Thanks for the comment Jon!

  3. Linda

    A squeeze page does sound interesting and important. I have yet not done this. I guess I should research it because what I have understood which is kind of obvious as well; is that traffic on a page that one will not return to is not really traffic because it is not a landing area.

    1. Steven

      Taylor landing pages to promote a specific action such as subscribing to your email list, etc. This is its main purpose. From there you can move prospects further into your funnel.

      Thanks for your comment Linda!

  4. Alexander

    I curious how a squeeze page may perform better than a pop-up form.

    What is your opinion on pop-up forms to get subscribers so long as it is done to be not too intrusive?

    Sounds like you have flexibility to add plenty of convincing info on a squeeze page than a pop up, but then you have to figure out how to get them to your squeeze page.

    1. Steven

      I hate interrupter, intrusive pop-ups! Personally, they are annoying and I don’t recommend using them. I usually close them without reading anyhow. I am also inclined to avoid sites that use them with every new page loaded as is often the case.

      Use bottom of the page sliders instead, ones that don’t get in the way but are still noticed, they are far less annoying and do a better job. Content marketing should be subtle, otherwise, it’s just an in your face ad, not content marketing. All my opinion…

      Your squeeze page should be a landing page, meaning, it’s where your prospects land in the first place. This works well with paid ad campaigns, not as well with organic traffic.

      Hope this helps and thanks for the comment Alexander!

  5. Danny

    Squeeze pages with well-crafted videos are extremely convincing. I’ve given my email, and I’ve signed up for programs based on great videos. Now, I, unfortunately, was scammed in some instances, but that just shows how effective they can be when put together properly. I need to create a squeeze page for my site, and your article was very informative. Great job.

    1. Steven

      Sorry to hear you had some bad experiences. Stay on your toes while on the Internet. I’m happy to hear the post was useful to you.

      Thanks for the comment Danny!

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