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Tools to Thrive in Today’s Online Marketing World

There may be some truth to the old axiom, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

For instance, affiliate marketing, though new to some online business owners, is not really different from offline rewarding of vendors, suppliers and customers who make regular referrals that add new clients.

Don’t be Intimidated by Internet Marketing Techniques

In addition to reward programs, all business owners concentrate their efforts on attracting new customers, retaining a healthy pipeline of loyal customers and widening online breadth and depth.

Don’t be intimidated by content and internet marketing techniques, which in reality, are very “doable.”

Be aware that content and internet marketing includes local businesses. By drawing from local customers interest in products and services, business owners can make a smooth, nearly effortless transition to online marketing.

It isn’t necessary to be technically savvy about content/internet marketing techniques. It is important to choose these techniques to create a neat fit for the specifics of business operations.

For example, there is a big difference in content/internet marketing of services vs. products. Service businesses need to be focused on closer one-to-one interpersonal customer relationships. Focus on interpersonal customer relationships are only a part of marketing business products.

However, there has been heavier push toward using techniques like Big Data and use of tools that consistently help online business owners calculate the effectiveness of marketing ads and promotions.

These include:
  • Pay per click
  • Pay per view
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Social Media marketing
  • Adwords

All businesses need to communicate a unique marketing proposition to offset heavy competition from similar sales and marketing products and services.

It is also important to know target markets, buying habits of new and existing customers and how to retain loyal customers using advertising with emphasis on excellent customer service and trust of business products and services.

All About Content/Internet Marketing

Search engines are constantly evolving and changing. Online business owners need to stay current on these changes in order to maintain search engine ranking.

One way to do this is by observing how “first page” businesses rate this much desired ranking.

Search Engines, Ranking and Keywords

Keywords are not new.

Certain strings of words have been used in data-basing and computer programming for decades. Business owners need to understand the validity and engineering of keyword use.

To make this easier for online business owners, choose words from your offline advertising and promotions that capture the most attention. These become valuable keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.

Understanding Search Engines

Search engines use the same basics of data-basing.

They search for specific words, index them and provide users with a ranking system based on “user hits” (popularity) found in search engine search results.

Imagine your website is one out of one million sites ranked by search engines to be relevant and popular enough to be located on a first page.

As an example, if a business uses the strongest keywords in the business name, search engines like Yahoo and Google rank it 1.5 levels higher.

The Laws of Search Engine Averages

Since the average first page search results on Google is 1800 words, online businesses need to make sure to use longer content to rank higher.

Higher search engine ranking is also attributable to links and back links embedded in content marketing. This is how online visibility is developed and how online businesses increase the number of hits to their sites.

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where online retailers pay commissions to external websites when user traffic to a site is generated from site referrals.

Affiliate marketing is usually observed by site visitors/buyers as having higher status than non-commission sites.

Affiliates are paid commissions based on the volume of sales affiliates generate through support of products or services.

This is why affiliate marketing is popular for online business websites. The prototype of affiliate marketing appears as follows:

Company “B” embeds a link or back link to Company “A.” Company B’s link draws several thousand “hits” to Company “A’s” site.

Company B is paid a prearranged commission on any of the site visitors who make purchases based on a Company A’s product or service offering.

Two Types of Online Marketing to Consider for Content/Internet Marketing in terms of content marketing, content has to meet search engine ranking standards in order to attract site visitors.

Often, site visitors are derived from “organic marketing” sources.

This is similar to offline “word of mouth” customer capture.

Paid marketing which incorporates affiliate marketing, since affiliates are paid commissions from site revenues, is the other type of online marketing.

Online sites that rely solely on content usually need a computerized Content Management System (CMS) so they can add multiple affiliates for optimal site results.

CMS is the fundamental support used for creating and modifying digital applications.

CMS is also important for site owners who link affiliates where affiliate links include hi-tech graphics or digital applications or links to social media device applications.

CMS saves online businesses time and effort, reduces site maintenance costs, is SEO friendly and can be outsourced to web management professionals to customize design and implementation.

Producing Effective Content and Internet Marketing

Effective content and internet marketing is a business investment with long term returns. Start up online businesses do best when they address quality of website content.

Quality website content is the “beating heart” of business ranking, online visibility and healthy, continued increases in customers and business image. There are several major features of quality content.

These include:
  • Refined content structure free of unnecessary “debris”
  • Direct relativity to business products and services
  • Identification of business owner(s), staff and business affiliates for cohesion
  • Unique business, product and service characteristics
  • Bonding of core “community” of loyal customers to attract new customers

Today’s online content stresses buyer “profiles.” This helps customize products and services to customer needs.

In effect, content offers the opportunity to build business through a seamless fabric of customers, vendors, suppliers and networked affiliates.

Each of these entities comprise a type of online jigsaw puzzle with each part of the puzzle forming the whole picture.

Today’s Picture of Internet Marketing

If there is any caution to beginners and intermediate internet marketing individuals, it is to always maintain the highest level of advertising and promotional quality online and off.

Snags in content and internet marketing occur when sites cannot produce the quality customers expect.

Marketing analytics opens a treasure trove of excellent and very useful marketing data from the most recent quantitative and qualitative assessments of your particular target markets.

It is based chiefly on the overall industry to which your business belongs.

Thus, marketing analysts provide beginners and intermediate internet individuals with a deeper level of marketing insight.

How Important is Marketing Insight?

Marketing insight is the underpinning of marketing tools that drive customers to websites.

Marketing insight is developed by marketing analysts over years of experience and constant vigilance of market trends.

Engaging the services of a highly insightful team of marketing analyst experts is the method used by many formerly “small companies” who garnered the largest pieces of the pie in their particular industry.

Start Ups – The Nuclei of Marketing Success

As most beginners and intermediate individuals have observed, exclusivity, timing and location are the major factors in the success or failure of a startup.

One example of a relative unknown online business, Craig’s List, began with affiliate sales and marketing.

Others, like Angie’s List, followed suit.

Of course, Amazon has become a giant online business with thousands of affiliate marketing partners.

The Guidebook to Becoming an Online Entrepreneur

Most new business owners overlook their own entrepreneurial natures. In the early days of getting their new business off the ground, they may overlook how important it is to develop business affiliates as part of their business plan.

However, affiliate marketing retains the substantial reputation for making new businesses grow.

The Business Name, Reputation and Affiliations

The true entrepreneurial individual knows the value of networking with name affiliates and associates.

A new business cannot afford the luxury of overlooking how name affiliates and associates contribution to new business name and reputation.

Choose a program of affiliate marketing with several integral advantages. Take the time to design an affiliate marketing program that meets the needs of online content and also internet marketing of services and products.

Nothing enhances a new business name like injecting name affiliates into content or using affiliates as a base for product and service recognition, for example, a new law firm with affiliate marketing links to a major, well recognized law firm.

This applies to products as well.

Visitors to a website are more likely to purchase from a site with a well recognized link to a marketing affiliate.

The Wide World of Marketing Trends

The other issue to be aware of is how frequently “marketing trends” evolve online.

Take the time to study how search engines view your site and make improvements where needed. Be aware of changes in search engines algorithms to identify evolving marketing trends.

Marketing Trend Evolution

Influencer marketing” is the fair haired child of the online business community. The advantage to this type of marketing is mainly to circumvent ad blocking.

Blogs and social media like Twitter grew in popularity to unexpected proportions due to content from influencers like celebrities and politicians.

Content marketing on websites and blogs are informative about services and products.

However, savvy buyers want verified statistics before they are ready to purchase. This is how data driven marketing evolved.

With regard to Big Data analytics, beginners and intermediate level marketers need to know that the collection of massive amounts of data is where buyer patterns, buying trends and business insight originates.

When a business benefits from Big Data analytics, by association, marketing affiliates also benefit.

Affiliate Marketing and Advertising

Advertising is one of the most significant items in a business plan. Advertising design and implementation is based upon ROI.

The key factor to successful advertising for affiliate marketing is choosing the most beneficial site partners.

Some sites like Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn allow affiliates to market through content and ads. Choose a site that is a recognized professional network related to your specific business needs.

E-Commerce of the Future

It is easy to follow marketing trends when your experience level is advanced.

Beginners and intermediate marketing individuals can hasten their experience level through persistent focus on relativity between your business and content applicable to internet marketing changes.

In order to identify e-commerce of the future, study current buying habits. Will purchases online obliterate in store purchases?

This seems juxtaposed to Amazon’s 2018 opening of retail stores. Amazon’s e-commerce market has a 2018 projected growth of $2.5 trillion which represents only 10% of “global retail markets.”

This should be a signal to beginners and intermediate marketing individuals that the trend toward more personalized business relationships that integrate online and offline buying is Amazon’s goal.

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Updated: Orginally published March 20th 2018

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  1. Jacqueline

    Thanks for this great review on how to survive in the cyber marketing world.
    Being new to Affiliate Marketing, this article is of interest to me.
    I couldn’t but notice your statement that higher search engine ranking is to do with links and backlinks and having longer content.

    How would someone who is new to Affiliate Marketing and has a brand new website get backlinks without using black hat methods?

    I do lengthy posts and internal links but currently, have no backlinks.

    I await your response.


    1. Steven

      There are some methods like guest blogging but for the most part, you have to allow back links to develop on their own. Never use black hat methods to get back links, that will backfire for sure.

      Thanks for the comment Jacqueline!

      1. Jacqueline Smith

        Thanks for your suggestion Steven.
        I will definitely check this out.


  2. fernglow

    Hi Steven, thanks for this comprehensive article on affiliate marketing. I have done affiliate marketing for some time now and what you mentioned in your article really helped and was really relevant to what I was looking for! I also didn’t know Amazon had started opening retail stores! Cool article and found it useful!

    1. Steven

      I’m happy you got some useful information from the article.

      Thanks for the comment Fernglow!

  3. Dave

    Hallo there,

    I can see you know quite something about search engine optimization and search engines. I would like to ask you how I can learn this art of optimization.

    I have been trying to launch a succcesful business as an affiliate but it has been going very terribly for me and I believe with your help I can improve this.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Steven

      It’s a complex and ever changing topic. My best advice is to study the subject a bit, just the basics though. Knowledge in this area becomes obsolete quickly. Keep in mind, many people put way too much emphasis on SEO and not nearly enough on quality content. If you put up good articles that help people you will get the rankings and traffic.

      Search engines are changing the way they index content all the time. Their goal is to produce the best results for those searching. If you have good, helpful content, the search engines will want to get you closer to the top of those rankings.

      There really is no magic formula. Good content will get you to the top and keep you there. Be patient and keep putting up useful content and it will happen.

  4. Michael

    I agree that while online and offline businesses are different, at its basic principle there both the same.

    You set up a store / website you sell good at, you find ways to attract to your business, then you sell a solution to help their problem.

    With online businesses, the best way to go about doing this is through creating content that will get indexed in search engines.

    One you do that you can have thousands of people all around the world visiting your site and ready to buy what you have to sell.

    1. Steven

      There are similarities but online is so much cheaper to maintain and operate. The overhead is sustainable for longer even when you have no revenue initially so it lowers the startup risks. Online businesses involving content marketing and affiliate marketing are the way to go in my opinion.

      Thanks for the comment Michael!

  5. David

    Thanks for your article, I found it very helpful. As a new affiliate marketer, I have been posting articles on the range of 300-600 words. Should I be striving for longer posts? What about the content creation companies I see advertised? Are they a good option for someone relatively new to the business?

    1. Steven

      I would shoot for 1000 words per article. There is some information out there that suggests the Google search engine favors content between 1000 – 2000 words.

      Outsourcing your content is a good idea if it fits your budget. This will allow you to publish more often, or, free you up to do other tasks necessary to make your website successful. Make sure you are allowed to review the content before accepting and paying for it though. There are many affordable content creation sites as well as fiverr, upwork and many other places to get content.

      Thanks for the comment David!

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