​PlanetBizOp Affiliate Program

​Earn Big Just By Linking To Our Free, High Quality Articles

How It Works

The PlanetBizOp affiliate program is very simple.

​All you do is recommend any of the free, 250+ high quality Digital Marketing articles on this site to a receptive audience. If any of the referrals makes a purchase from us in the next 365 days, you get 45% of the front end offer and most other offers (Commissions may vary by product).

​Here's A Step By Step

  • ​Register for the Affiliate Program
  • ​Select one or more of our articles to link to, ​ones you feel would be engaging for your audience (each article has an offer which ​is targeted by topic)
  • ​Use the Link Generator in your affiliate dashboard to generate links for each article so they can be tracked (or use direct linking, eliminating affiliate links altogether)
  • Place the generated links on your site however you wish
  • ​When one of your referrals buys from us, you get the commission

​Basically, You Get Paid To Link To Our Free, High Quality Articles

​No Selling

​You will never be asked to sell ​anything. All you need to do is recommend our free, high quality articles to your audience.

Natural Presentation

​Our Affiliate Program doesn't require traditional affiliate links (see below). You can just link to our articles as you would any other and still get your commissions.

Help Others While You Earn

​​No matter the final outcome of any ​visit you send to our articles, it's likely that visitor was helped in some way.


  • ​Once your prospect becomes a customer, you get a commission on everything they purchase for life.
  • ​We payout every Friday by 11:59pm Mountain Time US via PayPal (a PayPal ​account is required to get a payout).
  • ​We add new premium content constantly. This gives your prospects a growing collection of choices of high quality content for a reasonable price.
  • No affiliate links required, you may just link to our articles from any approved domain (You must apply for direct linking for up to 3 domains you own). Regular affiliate linking is also available if you wish to skip this step. The approval process is just a check that the domain is a legitimate website and may take up to 48 hours, but is usually much faster.
  • ​Our affiliate cookie lasts for a full year. So if your prospect doesn’t buy today, you have up to a year to collect a commission once they decide to buy.
  • ​You’re not sending anyone to a sales page, but a value packed article that could help solve their problems, so you look like a hero from the start.
  • ​Low priced front end items reduces friction and lowers barrier of entry which results in high initial conversion rates (with the right audience of course).
  • ​We use a gentle marketing approach that builds trust.
  • ​Registration is instant, no waiting for approval!

​​If you have access to an appropriate audience, this affiliate program could be quite lucrative with sustained earnings from repeat sales.

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