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CB Passive Income – A Good Idea For Beginners?

cb passive income

CB Passive Income Overview

The CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 is an all-in-one marketing system geared toward beginning marketers. If, you are a beginning marketer, lack the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to successfully market products on your own, this system claims to solve all of these problems.

On the surface this seems like a really good idea.

CB Passive Income calls itself a turnkey business. The marketing material appears to cover, largely, the business itself and what’s involved on your end. It all presents itself as straightforward and workable. The sales page touts the operator as an accomplished author and long time online marketer in an attempt to lend credibility and gain your confidence in the system.

The program is run through an affiliate network and offers a 50% commission if you wish to resell the system itself. However, the initial price seems a bit high to me and could be a tough sell. The program also contains up-sells which I personally hate (the way their used here) and consider to be a questionable marketing tactic.

The Sales Page

The sales material itself is pretty well put together, with an old-school style single page format, starting off with a video which has decent production value.

The CB Passive Income sales page is largely a recap of the video but also includes the usual ‘super valuable’ bonuses supposedly worth hundreds of dollars. This page is also sprinkled with testimonials that seem to express realistic results from the program by real, ordinary people.

Some copy on the sales page contains poor grammar which raises some red flags. English may not be the author’s first language. Nonetheless, more care should have been taken since the target audience is assumed to be largely English-speaking. It comes across as sloppy and makes you wonder if it was put together in a hurry or not sufficiently proofread.

cb passive income

No Website Required: You don’t need an expensive website or the time and skills to manage one. Many beginners have no website of their own and aren’t ready to jump into one too soon.

No Marketing Skills Needed: No skills in the online marketing arena are necessary as that part is supposedly taken care of for you. Acquiring these skills is time-consuming but can be done mostly for free.

Provided Content: You don’t have to produce any content yourself for a website or as free gifts to exchange for email addresses on squeeze pages. Producing or even finding free content for this purpose online is time-consuming and requires effort.

Online Support: Support is included via email. It isn’t known how responsive this support is or the extent of the help available. There is no community or other support channels that are known at this time.

You Only Have One Task: You’re only task in this deal is to drive traffic to the ‘Secret Websites’. Material is provided on how to achieve this for both free traffic and paid traffic sources.

Training Included: Some training in the form of online marketing how-to materials are included in the program. The sales page claims this material is step by step.

60 Day Guarantee: You have 60 days to request a refund. Nothing else is known about acquiring a refund as far as how long it might take or if there are questions involved.


No Control: You have no control over the back-end marketing or how it’s conducted. You’re putting everything in the hands of a stranger claiming to be an expert. I realize this is sort of the point but it is a negative in the end.

If CB Passive Income just sends a bunch of sales material, your leads are going to unsubscribe defeating the purpose, wasting your time and money.

Giving Away Leads: You will be providing leads to someone else’s list. There’s a $97 up-sell that allows you to collect these leads to your own list as well but it is basically unworkable and a waste of money.

Most email marketing list sites require an opt in email be clicked through before that recipient will become active on your list. If the recipient receives two of these emails, one from CB Passive Income’s list and one from yours, it becomes confusing and unlikely they will follow through, on yours at least.

Initial Cost: The initial buy in price of $97 seems steep. The sales page admits the system is mostly automated which means you are doing all the truly hard work. You aren’t only doing the hardest part of driving traffic, but you have to pay almost a hundred dollars to get in. This doesn’t seem like a good value to me or a truly fair deal.

Up-Sells: You aren’t really getting what you thought when you are subjected to a bunch of up-sells. I personally hate this marketing tactic (the way its applied here).

The up-sells are presented during the purchase, but after you pay the initial fee, which I find to be unethical behavior. The up-sells aren’t required to make the system work, but they have the effect of making you feel tricked. Not adding the up-sell also seems to diminish the value of the system as a whole.

Cut Out Of Some Offers: Some offers are made to your list but you won’t get any commission from them.

The operator sends offers on the back end only he will benefit from. It’s unethical at best when the site owner will be the sole beneficiary of your hard work. The sales page conveniently fails to inform you of this fact. This behavior alone would be enough for me to avoid CB Passive Income.

Users Can Just Unsubscribe: The ‘Secret Websites’ are just squeeze pages offering something for free in return for the user’s email address. Once the user gets their free gift there is nothing stopping them from simply unsubscribing from the list immediately. No one wants to be subjected to constant selling.

Even if they don’t unsubscribe immediately, they likely will after a few sales emails if no substantial value is provided as well.

One time $97 vs $47 monthly: This is odd. Who would pay $47 a month when they can just pay the $97 for a lifetime? It makes me wonder if the $47 a month offer is what allows the system to even call itself a passive, sustainable system at all. How are ongoing profits made otherwise?

Questionable Ethics: As described above, some of the operator’s behavior is unethical in my opinion. These lapses are the only ones currently known but begs the question of what other shenanigans might be going on behind the scenes.

The diminished value of the system, if you decline the up-sell, is also a sore spot for me, not to mention the up-sell is unworkable anyhow. None of this is revealed in the sales material.

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CB Passive Income Rating & Wrap Up

I don’t recommend CB Passive Income and have serious doubts that many of its users are making a substantial income. There are a lot of unknowns like the back-end marketing and how it is conducted.

I also hate surprises when doing business. The up-sell technique qualifies as an unpleasant surprise because I already think $97 is too high for this type of system considering you are tasked with the hardest part of the work.
cb passive income
The fact that you are cut out of some offers should be enough for you to agree this isn’t a good deal on your end. This behavior alone shows an ethical lapse which makes you wonder what else might be going on without your knowledge.

Up-sells are a sore spot for me especially when they are presented during the initial purchase. You aren’t required to buy the up-sells to make the system work but not doing so seems to diminish the value of the product.

The reality is, no one will buy anything from you online until you have their trust. Sending cold traffic to a squeeze page is a tough way to earn a living these days. Most online opportunity seekers are a jaded bunch and are savvy to this type of marketing.

I don’t see CB Passive Income as a viable long term system that has a good chance of earning you a living online.

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Feel free to post your comment below. I especially want to hear from you if you have personal experience with this product. An email address is required but it will not be shared with anyone, put on any list, or used for any kind of marketing, just to alert you if there are any replies. Thanks and happy hunting!


*The articles on this site are my opinion based on thorough research and/or personal experience vs. the claims made by the product sales pitch. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Your experience may vary and you are encouraged to research all products and form an opinion of your own prior to making any purchase.

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  1. Chris

    I have never heard of this CB Passive Income system until I came across your review.

    Glad I did because you laid it out really well. Personally I am not a fan of these “all in one systems”.

    Once your start using them its hard to move off to something else.

    Same as you I don’t like upsells either.

    Are there any alternatives to CB Passive Income that are legit you can recommend?

    1. Steven

      So far, I haven’t found one. These systems are designed to appeal to users with little experience and promise to take care of all the details. In my opinion, no such thing exists, or likely ever will.

      Thanks for the comment Chris.

  2. dreamgirl93

    I had read about this way of making money online on another blog, I think it was pretty much similar.

    I tried to apply it beck then but I wasn’t so persistent. Maybe if I can apply it properly I will start to see results.

    A guy claimed to make $50 a day with a similar system.
    A good think is that there are no upsells.

    Are there any similar sites to CB Passive Income?

    1. admin

      There are similar systems out there and I will be reviewing one in an upcoming article. Systems like these are rarely successful for anyone outside the actual site operator. My advice is to avoid them unless you can find a number of positive reviews and are confident the reviews are real.

  3. Jeff

    Thank you for your comprehensive review about CB Passive Income Systems. I can see how this would appeal to people that don’t want to build their own websites. But with what you have said, there are way to many Question Marks to even consider this one.
    You are most likely correct that this Venture is owned by a non English speaking person and all the hidden upsells makes them completely untrustworthy.
    What is your best recommendation for an Online Platform that contains no hideaway extras?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    1. admin

      Many reputable courses have upgrades or advanced courses that cost extra. With those products the upgrades aren’t necessary to get a lot out of what you paid for to start with. It’s the up-sell techniques that seem to devalue what you thought you were paying for that irritates me.

      Wealthy Affiliate, Internet Jetset and Affilorama are three that come to mind as good courses you can try. Thanks for the comment Jeff!

  4. angelce903


    I really enjoyed your review which was detailed and complete! I would say that I agree with you. I wouldn’t think that you make a lot of money with this opportunity. And honestly, who would be stupid enough to pay $49 per month instead of making a one-time $99 payment? Please…

    1. admin

      That was one thing about the offer I found pretty odd.

      Thanks for the input Angel!

  5. SJ

    HI Steve

    Thanks for your comprehensive review on CB passive income.

    On the face of it, it looks like a great kick start program for newbies to earn good money online. But I think you have clearly set out why it is NOT a recommended program. You will have saved a lot of newbies heartache and wasted money! Good on you!

    1. Steven Mann

      These types of do it all for you systems are everywhere on the net. I am yet to find one that actually delivers what it promises.

      Thanks for the comment SJ!

  6. GiuliaB

    Steve, thank you ever so much for making us aware of the ‘dodgy’ practices of this company. From the list of your pros, I was nearly taken and sold to this program. To me, having tools and marketing material that will help the customer or the affiliate is paramount.
    But, like you, I hate upsells. I think the $97 one off life payment is not too bad. But, as it turns out, it is not a one off payment at all, if all it grants you is access to another payment level. That to me is cowboy technique, which I don’t look up gladly to.
    I’m afraid this gentleman will not get my business.

    1. Steven Mann

      Thanks Giulia. Up-sells tip me off now to a probable scam, or at least, sketchy practices. Glad you got something out of this post.

      Thanks for the input.

  7. Michael

    Thanks for this good review about cb passive income. It looks to me like you said that it is not a good product to buy for any kind of marketer beginner or advanced.

    I would also say that not having to own a website or creating content would be a big con and not a pro — as I see no benefit in having a business you don’t own or create yourself.

    Thanks again for this review.

    1. Steven Mann

      Go check out Wealthy Affiliate if owning your own, real business interests you. It’s always best to have control of your own destiny especially when it comes to business.

      Thanks for commenting Michael!

  8. Jblondeau

    Hello Steve, For me the Passive income overview, for beginner marketer, seems too easy, with “no marketing skills” and only have one task to do, it is not real and everyone should be on alert if it looks to good to be the truth.
    It is my opinion that one has to work and study hard to succeed in any field.
    Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Agreed. There are no real free rides out there.

      Thanks for the input Jacqueline!

  9. Richard

    Hello Steve,
    Thanks for your timely review and insights on CB passive income. I have heard of it and was thinking of persuing it , but after reading your take on it , It did not make a lot of sense, and would be a waste of value time to persue.

    1. Steven

      I’m glad this review saved you some time and money Richard.

      Thanks for the input!

  10. Luke

    As a newbie to the internet marketing arena, I actually looked at this system a few months ago.

    As you stated in your article, I was turned off by the initial sign up fee of $97. This obviously doesn’t include the up sells that pushed me over the edge! Way over my budget for a guy trying to earn some money online.

    I did some further research on my own and soon discovered that most of the reviews (like yours) suggested to just stay away.
    I am always cautious when I see a sales page offering bonus after bonus which sooner or later result in a credit card being pulled from my wallet.

    Are you aware of others having success with this platform? Do you have any other suggestions for individuals who lack experience or have a limited budget?

    Thank you for writing this article and providing great information regarding CB Passive Income. This supports my own research. Think I will just stay away!

    1. Steven

      I am not aware of anyone having success with CB Passive Income. I doubt there are many, if any.

      If you want to start a real online business and are willing to put in the necessary effort, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out and see if it is for you.

      Thanks for the input Luke!

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