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Content Marketing Basics – How To Effectively Market Online

If you’re a business owner, it’s essential that you know how to market content effectively. Remember that your content will not be valuable unless it helps your business or other businesses to sell their products or services.

While there are many things to keep in mind when you are marketing content, these are some of the most important content marketing tips:

1. Use Search Engine Optimization Strategies

It’s important to consider the type of website that you have when you are determining what search engine optimization strategies are best for you.

However, these SEO strategies apply to all business owners:

Pay Close Attention To Your Keywords:

Your keywords are what potential visitors will type into search engines to reach your page.

You should create a page that consists of 1% – 3% keywords, and you should include multiple keywords.

This will increase your traffic, and keeping your keyword density below 3% will ensure that your site doesn’t get removed from the search results.

Most of your keywords should be several words rather than a single word.

Create An Enticing Meta Description:

The meta description for your website shows potential visitors to your website what they can expect to see when they click the link to your site.

However, they won’t see everything you write if it is too long. Your meta description should be anywhere from 150 to 160 characters.

Gather Back-links:

Back-links are links to your content on other websites. Some examples of places where they can be posted are forums and comments sections on blogs.

However, it’s essential to make sure that the back-links come from high-quality websites. If the websites where the links are found are of poor quality, they could actually be harmful to your search rankings.

The back-links should be posted on websites that feature content that’s related to the content on your website.

Use Google Disavow To Avoid Having Bad Back-links:

If you suspect that one of more of your backlinks may harm your website’s search rankings, you can use Google Disavow Link to protect your search rankings.

Incorporate Local SEO Strategies:

If you own a local business, it’s often best to include keywords that include the name of the region where your business is located.

In addition, you should choose multiple keywords. It’s also important to make sure that you include a keyword in the title of each article.

Post Links To Internal Pages:

It’s important that visitors to your website are able to easily access all the pages that you create. However, they aren’t likely to get to internal pages at all without internal links.

Pay Attention To The Amount Of Time It Takes For Pages To Load:

If you have a page that takes too long to load, it’s likely to deter a significant portion of potential visitors. It’s possible to test the amount of time it takes for your page to load using PageSpeed.

It’s important to consider that load times may be different for mobile device users. As a result of the fact that pages can take longer to load on mobile devices, it’s important to avoid using certain types of video scripts.

2. Make Sure You Are Familiar With The Competition

If you have competitors, it is essential that you are fully aware of the content that they create. Always differentiate yourself from them.

If the services that you offer are similar to your competition, you should try to mention some benefits that are different than the benefits of the competition’s services.

In addition, you should try to ensure that your content is more engaging than the content that your competition creates.

3. Make Sure That You Always Write High-Quality Content And Frequently Add New Content

It is essential that the content that you write is well-organized and well-written.

Always ensure that all content that you write is grammatically correct. Not only is well-written content easier to sell, but it also has a higher value.

However, there is much more to ensuring that your content is well-written than organization and grammar.

It’s important to make sure that the content that you create is as persuasive as possible.

While it is essential that all parts of the content are written with persuasion in mind, it’s important to pay especially close attention to the language that you use in the headlines.

Including images in your content will prevent potential customers from finding your content boring. This also will help to break up the text and also give your potential customers something interesting to look at.

However, it is important to make sure that the pictures that you choose are relevant to the type of business that you own or the business that you are promoting as well as the topic that the content discusses.

The images do not have to be photographs. In fact, digital simulations and animations can be great for many types of content.

Also, it’s a good idea to include charts and graphs in content that includes a lot of numbers.

Choose an image that is as visually appealing as possible. If you are not familiar with graphic design, it might be a good idea to hire a graphic designer.

Luckily, it’s not too difficult to find an affordable graphic design service.

It’s also important to include descriptions of your images. Your image descriptions should include keywords. This can be highly effective at improving your search rankings.

Websites that don’t add new content often rank significantly lower than websites that tend to have fresh content.

A survey demonstrated that 82% of bloggers who add new content to their blog every day got one or more customers through their website.

The same survey showed that only 57% of bloggers got a customer from their website if they only added new content to the blog every month.

If you create multiple pieces of content that are related to one another, your content is more likely to be valuable. One example of an effective content series is the 100,000 dollar series that was started by Neil Patel.

4. Use E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing will allow thousands of people to see your content almost immediately.

If you are writing content for an email marketing campaign, it’s best to keep the message relatively short. In addition to creating well-written and persuasive content for your email marketing campaign, it’s important that you create a sense of urgency in your message.

For instance, instead of saying, “This product is a great deal at 50% off.”, you could say, “This product is on sale at 50% off for the next week. So, you need to act fast to take advantage of this incredible offer!”

This will encourage people to buy it right away without mulling over whether to buy it. If potential customers mull over whether to buy a product, there’s a good chance that they’ll decide not to.

However, it is important to make sure that you are only sending the emails to people who agreed to receive them. If you send the emails to people who didn’t agree to receive them, it would be considered spam. This could result in fines and damage your reputation.

In addition, it’s important to personalize the emails that you send out. Even if you are sending out your emails to numerous people, you should try to address your emails to the person you are sending them to.

Luckily, there are software programs that can do this for you. In addition, these programs will make the emails slightly different from one another. One example of such a program is MailChimp.

While some people believe that email marketing is becoming less popular or less effective as time goes on, this is not true at all. In fact, 80% of businesses feel that email marketing has a direct relationship with their profits.

5. Use Social Media Marketing

Often, content spreads rapidly on social media even if it is initially shared with a relatively small number of people.

For instance, someone may share the content with a friend. Then, that individual may share the content with their friends, and some of them may spread it as well.

Essentially, your potential customers will also help you to market your content. Many experts feel that Linked In is an especially good place to share content.

Here are some other great social media sites for sharing content:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Mix

You should seriously consider paying for social media advertisements.

While it may only cost you 10 or 20 dollars to advertise on Facebook, this small investment can lead to a significant increase in your sales

6. Don’t Keep Changing Your Domain Name

This should be obvious. It takes time to build the search rankings of your website. In fact, many websites will take months or years to get a significant amount of traffic.

However, you won’t be able to benefit from the slow growth of your website if you frequently change the domain name.

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Updated: Originally published April 13th 2018

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  1. ZEGU

    Thanks for an informative post. I have learned a lot and I now know how to make my content relevant to my business.
    You have suggested many things that need improving including keywords, meta descriptions and backlinks that link to my content.
    I have a website I am working on. Of late, I have given much attention to creating content but neglecting the other things you have mentioned. This is something I will work on from now onwards.
    I have received comments on my website On 2 occasions the visitors left their website links. Do you think it’s a good thing or its spam?

    1. Steven

      It really depends. If you are comfortable with the links it is probably ok to leave them. Maybe click through to the links and see for yourself what is on the other end. There are certainly those out there just spamming to get back links so be cautious. You don’t want your site associated with spammy sites.

      Thanks for the comment ZEGU!

  2. Nicolaas

    Hi Steven

    I’m very glad I stumbled upon this post today because I learned some new things here. What is new to me and what I’m very excited about is the Google disavow link for bad backlinks.

    I didn’t know about it and how it could protect your search rankings.

    I will surely use it in the future because I will never know when I will need it for bad backlinks on my website.

    Thank you for this very informative article.

    1. Steven

      I’m happy you got something useful from the article.

      Thanks for the comment Nicolaas!

  3. Kari

    You have great points about content marketing and how to use it for successful online marketing. How to distinguish between others is a key issue. You have to put efforts on quality content. When writing personal, fresh, conversational, interactive and unique content, you have an advantage over your competitors. You give me a great tool for how to avoid bad back links with Google Disavow. I didn’t know about this tool before.

    One thing I’ve found what is crucial for content marketing is the relevance in all levels of your sales funnel. It has to be relevant to your content from the marketing pitch to call for action. The relevancy increases your leads and sales. Thanks for a great post about content marketing and the means of effective online marketing.

    1. Steven

      I’m happy you got something useful out of the article.

      Thanks for the comment Kari!

  4. Furkan

    I actually want to use internal links smart and I know that it can be quite effective for on page SEO.

    However what is a good ratio for it? For example, I heard that using an internal link for a hundred words is optimal. What is your experience with it?

    1. Steven

      Just use them in a natural manner. One internal link per page is fine but you can use more if appropriate. Also use an external link to a reputable site per page if possible, this looks good as well.

      Thanks for the input Furkan!

  5. Marios Tofarides

    Hey Steven,

    It is true that there are many factors and aspects one should take into consideration when marketing online.
    In my opinion, the first and foremost is creating high-quality content and posting frequently.
    The second is email marketing. Social media marketing is great, but you rely on the social media platforms. If they change their algorithms, you might need to change your strategy.
    The same with SEO marketing – Google’s algorithm changes frequently.

    Thanks for a great post!


    1. Steven

      True. I advocate focusing on giving your audience value and the rest will fall into place. Too many people worry about article length and what Google wants. Google wants quality content, same as your readers. Give quality and the rest works itself out, focus on that and all will be well.

      Thanks for the input Marios!

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