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Ewen Chia Autopilot Profits – Another ‘Do Nothing’ To ‘Get Rich’ System

Ewen Chia Autopilot Profits Overview

The Autopilot Profits system is yet another do nothing and get rich promise. The site explains how ‘Online ATM Machines’ thrust huge amounts of cash into your bank account 24 hours a day without your intervention. You won’t even need to provide the traffic, that is all ‘hands free’ and automatic too.

This Autopilot Profits system targets beginning marketers that aren’t ready to market online themselves. After reading the sales material, I can’t honestly say exactly how these “Online ATM Machines’ work or what is involved, this information is withheld. There is one clue though, the use of the phrase ‘squeeze page’ in the copy tips me off that this is another, you provide the leads, he does the marketing type program. But, I might be wrong…

The program is run through an affiliate network and offers a 60% commission if you wish to resell the system itself, but if you want to maintain a good reputation, I don’t advise that you do. The initial cost of the Autopilot Profits system is $37 which seems cheap enough, but wait… There are a number of up-sells just after you pay the starting fee and in the member’s area in the form of popups. I hate this game and personally feel it is dishonest to pummel people with up-sells especially during the initial purchase.

The Sales Page

The sales page is the usual single page format which is very common with this type of offer. It is seriously lacking any real content about what you will be purchasing. Mostly, the Autopilot Profits sales page is filled with superlatives and grandiose promises of riches you will never find enough time to spend. It really does look too good to be true. One surprise is there weren’t the usual bonuses valued at thousands of dollars included for free.

The page’s attempt to lend credibility by claiming the operator is a ‘#1 International Bestseller’ and that he rubs elbows with the elite of the business world is pretty transparent. Also, an attempt to create scarcity by claiming there are only 9 spots left demonstrates a lapse in ethics. I waited a day, then went back to the page to find this information unchanged. Either the system doesn’t sell, or this isn’t an honest accounting of the number of precious spots still available.

The page starts off with a sales video that has good production value but the approach of ‘Online ATM Machines’ is laughable. It was difficult to keep a straight face as the video’s promises are deluded and were generally unconvincing to me. I can see how this sales page might be convincing to the uninitiated, but to anyone with experience in online marketing, it is a facade of likely empty promises.


Training Included: The training consists of a series of videos of questionable quality and an ebook. The whole training series seems like an attempt at up-sells and are there to get you to buy additional products, also likely, of questionable quality. I guess this is a halfhearted pro huh?

60 Day Guarantee: You have 60 days to request a refund. Nothing else is known about acquiring a refund or what else might be involved.


Members Area Filled With PopUps: Every few seconds there is another popup trying to sell you more materials of questionable value. This is very annoying and distracting. If I pay for something I expect to be able to use it without being bombarded with more offers.

Up-Sells: The number of up-sells borders on pure desperation. These attempts are relentless and it becomes obvious that what you just bought into is a platform to sell more products. Autopilot Profit’s up-sell attempts devalue the user experience.

Down-Sells: When attempting to click away from an offer, a new popup will appear to down-sell that product, discounting it in an attempt to get you to buy. This tactic is futile because in my mind, it devalues everything else on the site and makes me wonder if I paid too much for something else. If you have something worth selling, sell it at a fair price right at the start.

Endless Trickery: The site uses tricks to try to get you to buy. Usually in the form of popups, countdown timers and claims of one time offers never to be repeated. Of course, most of it is untrue and are bluff tactics to try to siphon more money out of your wallet.

Spam: Once your email is in Autopilot Profit’s system you will receive an endless amount of sales material in your inbox and in large quantities. Nothing of value, just marketing material. Funny how this site is supposed to teach you online marketing but the operator’s tactics are deeply flawed.

Black Hat Marketing: Some marketing techniques taught are admitted to be questionable. I would never advise using black hat marketing techniques because they will almost always come back to bite you.

Outdated Advice: The marketing advice given on this site is outdated and just plain bad in some instances. If you use it for an existing business you could just destroy what you have built. There are much better ways to build a business online that involve sound marketing and honest tactics. Try those first! Honest marketing requires more time and energy, but has more staying power and won’t tarnish your reputation.

Questionable Ethics: The use of the word ‘questionable’ is very generous here. The operator of Autopilot Profits seems to lack any moral compass and is in this purely for the money, not to help people, or educate them in anything except how not to act. His tactics are borderline evil and lack any sense of ethical fortitude.

Unimpressive Reputation: The site owner’s reputation is akin to other online hucksters. He seems to promote a lot of garbage of questionable quality and usability. His name is also associated with people of similar morals that only seem interested in their own enrichment and provide their customers with poor quality products.

Top Rated – Click the banner to read the review.

Rating & Wrap Up

Where to start. Autopilot Profit is garbage. I assume you gathered that from above but I felt I needed to say it out loud. This program is just an attempt to sell you more garbage in the most aggressive way that I have ever seen. The endless up-sells for more garbage is relentless and aggressive but also filled with deceit and trickery. Much of the information offered can be found for free with a little searching.

The material is filled with bad advice and questionable tactics that will surely ruin your current business if you have one. If not, please don’t start your online marketing career following the advice from this site.

Much of what is said in the initial sales material is outright lies or greatly exaggerated. I am not sure how Autopilot Profits is still in business if they honor their promise of a 60 day money back guarantee.

This review is a good lesson in how to avoid being taken for a ride. Please look over the sales material for yourself as a lesson on how to spot shady offers. The sales material is just hype and filled with unrealistic promises and superlatives that simply can’t be true.

Feel free to post your comment below. I especially want to hear from you if you have personal experience with this product. An email address is required but it will not be shared with anyone, put on any list, or used for any kind of marketing, just to alert you if there are any replies. Thanks and happy hunting!



*The articles on this site are my opinion based on thorough research and/or personal experience vs. the claims made by the product sales pitch. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Your experience may vary and you are encouraged to research all products and form an opinion of your own prior to making any purchase.

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  1. jessie palaypay

    The founder of this autopilot profits also released another system called copy paste which I found to be complete horse sh** after doing an investigation myself. I do want to check out more of this system as I think this predates the new one I am talking about. Also, what’s the point of the automatic traffic if the only way to make money is to resell the system as I would presume?

    1. admin

      That seems to be this guy’s whole angle. You buy into his system so he can sell you more. Then, you’re encouraged to do the same, sell his garbage. He doesn’t seem to have an actual, usable product, just recruits people to sell his systems which are basically junk.

  2. hilary Bassakaropoulos

    I remember seeing Ewen Chia at an event in London many years ago. I was quite impressed with his products at the time. I think his target market is newbies and that’s what I was at the time. I admire the fact that he is a top affiliate, but you have wakened me up with this very informative post about his products. Thanks for sharing

    1. admin

      He does seem to prey on the naive. Maybe at one time Ewen was an honest marketer but more recently he has certainly lost his way. Thank you for the comment Hilary.

  3. SJ

    oh dear thanks for the thorough review.

    Somehow we are all still slightly tempted by the do nothing to get rich thing. Deep inside i think we all know there is no such thing but we dread the hard work.

    Thanks for revealing yet another aggressive rubbish product out there baiting people. Another one to blacklist!

    1. admin

      Running an online business is always going to be work of some kind. The trick is to find something you love to do, make it fun. Thanks for the comment SJ.

  4. Reyhana

    Now knowing that this system is a lot of BS, I can’t stop laughing at the newspaper excerpt at the top of your review. It looks like he made “MILLIONS” scamming people who JOINED and basically played with their minds to get them to BUY into the upsells. I looked around the internet, reading about this guy, and I see that he has created a few products, very similar to this one. If he had really made millions and could teach people how to make millions, why did he need to create other programs? One program should have been enough! It shows that this guy is out to get your money! Run as far away as you can from him!

    1. admin

      You’re right. If his system is so good why sell it at all? Just work it himself and make another million right? Thanks for the comment Reyhana!

  5. Gomer Magtibay

    Back in 2007, I was doing online marketing with SFI. In the leaderboards of that company, I frequently see the names of Stone Evans and Ewen Chia, which attracted me to them a lot. I started stalking them online watching their every move, even trying to mimic them. That was 2007, when my knowledge of online business was still crude. Today, as I read your article, I can see that Ewen was stuck. Outdated techniques!

    If anyone is looking for a way to make money online, to get rich online, I’d discourage them from buying into Ewen’s outdated products. But it amazes me to see that his products and sales pages are still online, fishing unknowing newbies who have not learned what it really takes to build an online business this 2018.

    Good thing we have Wealthy Affiliate. People have a better option.

    1. Steven Mann

      Maybe at at one time Chia was a successful, honest marketer. These days he seems to have fallen behind and his methods seem almost desperate. I am happy to see you mention Wealthy Affiliate. That site does teach honest, time tested methods to run a business online.

      Thanks for the comment Gomer.

  6. Jordan

    The name in of itself is both eye-catching, and a huge turn-off.

    The idea of a business running on autopilot and still making money is really appealing, because time is just a scarce resource.

    But it pitches this idea that there isn’t a massive amount of work in the front end, and that’s how it sells. While also being completely untrue.

    Do you have any experience with dropshipping? Is there training by an expert out there that’s both legitimate and not absurdly expensive? Thanks.

    1. Steven Mann

      Sorry, I have haven’t done much with any kind of eCommerce including drop-shipping.

      When you say training do you mean eCommerce or affiliate marketing? I’ll assume you mean affiliate marketing: The best place to get started in this is by far Wealthy Affiliate. Click the link and check it out!

  7. Sheree

    Yes, someone tried selling this product to me on Facebook. Here I am looking to work from home online and they are promoting such rubbish. I’m glad I came across your review because I have been thinking about joining this program. I lost my job 2 months now and I’m broke. If I don’t get a job before the end of month, I’ll be evicted. So I don’t have time to spare, not to mention money.
    Thanks for shedding the light on this shady product.

    1. Steven

      Sorry to hear you are in such a tight spot. I am very glad I spared you the heartache of wasting money on this system.

      I hope your luck turns soon! Thanks for the comment Sheree,

  8. Geoff

    Another money saving review on your part and greatly received, from what you have explained, one would have to be very ignorant of life to fall into this trap. I guess greed get the better on them. There is one thing that worries me and that is the damage this kind of program is doing to the overall reputation of online marketers. We all know trust takes time to build and folks are very wary. Just does not help the honest trader

    1. Steven

      Yeah… It is a shame but I would hope folks understand that snake oil salesman will always be around and research is necessary to avoid them.

      Thanks for the comment Geoff!

  9. Lee Ann

    Thank you for taking the time to review this poor excuse of a human being and his wishful thinking profit. . This type of individuals need to be stopped. There are so many that still fall victim to these kind of schemes due to lack of knowledge or those with very little income. I honestly can’t believe there isn’t a penalty or some kind of law against this. I can not stand upeslls. I look at them like snakes in the grass.
    Everyone should realize that earning an income takes work. These do nothing and get rich schemes burn people and leave them thinking that there are no legit online opportunities.
    I was once one of the individuals that use to fall victim, but I have since become more knowledgeable and less naive.
    I am glad there are people like you with the knowledge to review programs like this and give us such detailed information and honesty.

    1. Steven

      Thanks form the kind words Lee Ann. I’m glad the review helped you out!

  10. Grant

    HI, Steven. I guess i’m still naive, but I’m constantly amazed at the number of shiny objects on the internet that people are trying to pass off as legitimate. Ewen Autopilot Profits is another one of those. I’ve learned through experience, just as you have, that legitimate businesses take time to build. Thanks for your review. I’m staying away from this one.

    1. Steven

      Glad the review helped, thanks for the comment Grant!

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