How To Start A New Blog That Generates Income In Under 3 Months – Part 1

A lot of people shy away from starting blogs because they assume that it’s going to be years before they start to see profits. This isn’t true at all. In fact, if you follow the right sequence of steps when designing, creating, and launching your blog, you can make your first profits in under 90 days.

This is possible whether you’re dedicating yourself to the blog full-time, or if you only have a couple of hours a day and some weekends to work on it. All you have to do when starting from scratch is to follow the step by step outline that follows, and you will have a successful blog that produces real revenue within just three months.

The hardest part about starting an online business is getting it off the ground.

When you’re just beginning, you have no traffic, no following, no name recognition – all of which makes it really hard to get everything moving. And that’s why a lot of people give up during this stage. But, if you persevere through it, and build a strong foundation for your business, it all becomes a lot smoother after that.

Once you have built things up and you start to see some forward motion, the momentum in your online business makes it a whole lot easier to keep things going and to grow.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the steps that you can take to conceptualize, create, launch, and develop an internet business that will bring you location, time, and money independence within just 16 weeks.

Step #1: Stop Gathering Information

From searching for ‘ways to make money online’ to ‘how to start a blog’ or whatever else your typing into Google – stop it. This will only cause you to get distracted and you’ll likely end up suffering from analysis paralysis and being unable to make decisions to move your business forward.

Besides, in this line of business, your first thought shouldn’t be about how you can make money. Online business is all about building relationships, which means that your first thought should be focused on how you can provide your audience with value. As long as you do that, the money side takes care of itself.

So don’t focus exclusively on money, and don’t get distracted by the many (many…) shiny objects out there when it comes to starting your online business. All you need is to follow this plan you’re reading now and adopt a mindset of making yourself extremely valuable to your audience.

After all, money doesn’t come as a result of some magic combination of marketing tricks that you do, it comes as a result of you making yourself indispensable to a group of people who need the solution you provide. Which brings us to the second step:

Step #2: What Solution Do You Offer?

Think about the exact solution or outcome that you want to deliver. You could call it a transformation from your customer’s ‘before state’ while they still have their problem, to their ‘after state’ when you’ve solved the problem for them.

This is vital and you should spend the necessary time on this step to ensure that you start your business on the right foot. Remember, it’s not just a blog you’re building, it’s a business. If you just start a blog that talks about ‘stuff’, you’re not going to get anywhere.

A business provides solutions to problems that people have, and it’s solutions that those people are willing to pay for. It’s as simple as that. So, prior to doing anything else, you must be very clear about the exact result or transformation that you will be creating for people.

I know many ‘gurus’ profess that it’s all about passion, but without a solid plan, there’s no way you’re going to be able to create a business that produces revenue in just three months. Instead, you’ll just find yourself passionately going around in circles.

It’s alright to take into account the strengths that you possess, and what you’re good at, but you should also look for crossover with certain areas of demand for solutions to problems and then hone it down from there. Keep in mind that it’s ALL about solution delivery. This serves as an orientation point for everything else in your business, including your blog.

Step #3: Essential Tools For Getting Started

There are a lot of online tools that can help you start and grow a business, but since we’re on a three-month timeframe, we’re not going to spend time on a lot of fancy tools. All we need to do right now is to create a home base for our business by setting up the site. There are three specific tools that will give you the highest return on your investment for the least cost, and these are:

1. Hosting from SiteGround

2. Thrive Themes Membership

3. Email Hosting Services

Siteground offers an affordable basic hosting account. This web hosting service is considered one of the best in the industry with stellar support, which is great if you’re just starting out as you will likely need some help along the way.

Thrive Themes offers a membership where you get full use of their complete suite of tools. They have conversion-focused themes, landing page creators, and opt-in form builders – basically everything you need to create a professional looking, high converting website, all for one affordable price.

When it comes to email hosting, you have a lot of great options. Check out this post which compares the 7 Top Email Marketing Services to make your choice. Any one of them will do very well. If you’re having a hard time choosing, go with GetResponse. It’s great for beginners.

Important Side Note: I know that a lot of people are under the impression that you can make money online without ever investing a single dime into the business. This is absolutely not true. Well, maybe you could make (some) money eventually (years down the road), but as we want an income from our blog in 90 days, I’d say it’s well worth investing a little bit into it, wouldn’t you?

If you don’t invest in the right tools from the onset, then you’ll probably spend the next three months reinventing the wheel and trying to learn how to do technical stuff that you’ve got no business doing…

Step #4: Craft A Few Pillar Posts Around Your Solution

Now that you know exactly what transformation you will be in the business of delivering, it’s time to create a few posts around it. These aren’t just simple posts that you’re going to slap together in five minutes. They have to be useful, well-written and packed full of value. Just as pillars hold a building up, these pillar posts are going to create the foundation for your blog content.

You don’t need to create a lot of content in this three month period, just a few really great posts. Keep your eye on the target – remember, you’re not building a blog, you’re building a business. You need to focus on the offer that you’ll be making, but of course, your blog can’t be empty at the same time.

So here is what you should do:

  • Outline all of the typical roadblocks and obstacles that people have to overcome when trying to achieve their transformation.
  • Do some basic keyword research to find out which ones of those roadblocks have the highest search volume.
  • Now craft some content that is awesome, epic, outstanding, amazing, [Insert Own Superlative Here…]

Just 3 to 5 posts will do. There much more you need to focus on besides writing blog posts. These posts are ones that you will turn into major resources over time by circling back and updating them. Make sure that your posts are solid, full of useful information that isn’t easy to find, and that they have great titles.

If you’re not up to the challenge of writing the posts yourself, then you can easily outsource this part of the process to a skilled writer. After the posts are done, publish them to your blog, and you can move on to the exciting part: Building the funnel that’s going to make you money.

Step #5: Build Your Email List

In this step, you’re going to create a lead magnet to help you generate subscribers for your email list. Your list is the most valuable asset that you can build for your business. It gives your business leverage to grow and allows you to direct attention at will.

Without list building as one of your main goals, those posts that you just published are basically useless. To get started on your list building, you need to create lead magnets, one for each of your pillar posts. The lead magnets should be tightly related to the corresponding posts, and they should be positioned as the logical ‘next step’ that your audience should take after reading the post.

You don’t need to create anything big like an ebook, a multi-video course, or anything like that. In fact, the simpler your lead magnets can be, the better they are likely to convert. People want quick solutions, and they want content that is easy to consume. There are some specific criteria to create a lead magnet with high-conversion, which I discuss in How To Plan, Create, and Deliver Effective Lead Magnets On Your Blog. The best lead magnets are short and sweet, for example, templates, worksheets, checklists, and any other types of shortcuts that you can provide your readers with.

Inside each of your pillar posts, add opt-in forms for the relevant lead magnet that you created. You also need to create separate landing pages for each lead magnet. If you got the Thrive Membership, then you have access to everything you need to accomplish all this. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Create separate lists inside your email service for each of your lead magnets.
  • For each one, create a basic email welcoming subscribers to your site. Tell them a bit about yourself and deliver the promised lead magnet.
  • Create an opt-in form (using Thrive Leads), specifically a ‘Lead Shortcode’ that will allow you to place the opt-in form directly inside your blog post.
  • Hook the form up to the right mailing list, which is very easy to do when using Thrive Leads.
  • Create a landing page for each lead magnet. You will find this useful for linking to from within the post, and for use on social media or in future ad campaigns.

Step #6: Your Main Offer

Without something to sell, you don’t have a business. A lot of blog owners think having a blog is the same thing as having a business, but they are definitely NOT the same thing. And since we’re on a tight schedule, we won’t spend too much time crafting an offer at this time.

Three months isn’t enough time to start creating some big online course or video tutorials. What you need to do is create an offer from thin air. Two ways in which you can do that are:

1. By selling a service

2. By creating a pre-sale for a product that hasn’t been created yet.

You can either sell your time (offer consulting or a ‘done for you’ service) or you can get people to buy your product before you’ve even created it. By using any of these methods, you will officially be in business even without the long process of creating an entire product first.

If you are starting from scratch, then it’s probably best to sell services.

Use the landing page builder to create a simple page that describes your service and what you do. Focus it on your audience, and explain how you would solve their problems or remove their pain. Don’t make it all about you or your skills.

If your service is specific enough to price it at a flat rate, then you can include a simple Paypal button for your customers to pay for it. Don’t worry about getting any of the fancy shopping carts or membership software just yet. All that can come later.

If your service is more involved, you can use a form from Gravity Forms on the landing page and a call to action for visitors to ask for a strategy session or something similar.

As you can see, just by following these simple steps, you’re already halfway to a successful and profitable business. But, there are a few more steps to take before your business can start providing you with regular income. We will discuss those steps in the next post:

How To Start A New Blog That Generates Income In Under 3 Months – Part 2

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16 comments on “How To Start A New Blog That Generates Income In Under 3 Months – Part 1

  1. Kenny

    Hi and thanks for the very helpful review of how to monetise a blog site in under 3 months. I agree it can be done. With the tips and tools you have pointed out, and the right site builder of course. It also depends on the drive of the individual too. You can’t just create a site and then leave it with no effort. Be consistent and have the right tools and you can be successful. Thanks Kenny 

    1. Steven Post author

      Agreed. You will have to work at it to be successful whether it takes 30 days or 6 months…

      Keep at it and have some patience. Never give up!

      Thanks for the comment Kenny!

  2. Albert

    Thanks for your great step by step guide. I’ve been blogging for a while and I think it’s a fun and exciting thing to do in the 21st while it generates real income. During the past couple of years, I’ve seen many people starting from 0 and reaching the $1000 per month in passive income.

    I think the first two steps in your list are really important and anyone who wants to become successful in blogging business should be able to find a way to add value. Gathering information from the market and analyzing it to find a good solution to offer is the core of every blogging business.

    1. Steven Post author

      It’s possible to rocket a blog from $0 to $1000 a month in pretty short order with a little luck and hard work. Most won’t experience this in a few months though. Keep at it and be patient is my best advice. It’ll happen.

      Thanks for the comment Albert!

  3. sanjay

    Thanks for such detail explaination of making money from a new blog. I think a blog should provide any kind of solution to a problem to become a successful one. You just cannot promote anything without earning the trust of your viewers and solving a problem is the best way to earn that trust. I am waiting for the part 2. 

    1. Steven Post author

      You got it… Trust is king in this business (along with quality content and patience). Part two should be posted tomorrow (Oct 16th) so stay tuned!

      Thanks for the comment Sanjay!

  4. Loes

    Hi Steven, I can confirm (almost) you can make money with a website in that times leap of 3 months. I was a slow starter, knowing nothing from internet and/or online marketing. I had to start from scratch. The language barrier wasn’t very helpful too, I am Dutch, and English is not my native language. But never the less, I started making money after my 5th month of working and developing my website. And ever since, my income is increasing! So, anyone who’s reading this, and has doubts whether to begin a website or not, this is your chance! When I can do it, you can too!


    1. Steven Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience. If you are willing to put in the work, it is certainly possible to make money from a blog site in pretty short order. Even if it takes more time, the secret is not giving up.

      Thanks for the comment Loes!

  5. Connor

    Hi Steven,

    I really appreciate your thoughtful and USEFUL article. I am exactly the demographic that your site is catering to as I have been working for just under 2 months now at building a revenue stream online through Wealth Affiliates. It’s very interesting to see the tools and resources you’ve put together in relation to the WA training certification course. I am going to take some time to look more thoroughly into the Thrive themes and Email hosting services you suggested and compare them to the features included as a premium WA member. 

    I think the BIGGEST takeaway for me was your astute observation that developing an email list is vital. I haven’t really got to this stage yet as I have been busy building my first handful of “Pillar” type blogs and completing the WA training. I can see, though, that this is a hugely important element of bringing attention and traffic to the quality content of your site, not to mention a way to connect with readers that are already interested in your niche. 

    I am curious, what are your thoughts on spending some time to develop various social media platforms to drive traffic to your site early on? I am thinking of creating instagram/facebook/twitter/pinterest/youtube accounts for my business but I am unsure if the timing is right. My niche is centered on eco-friendly solutions for a healthy home and lifestyle and I have 5 pretty in depth blog posts at this point but I feel that I need to add some more pages and content pillars before pulling the trigger on social media. What has your experience been with using social media platforms?

    Once again, excellent article with engaging, high quality content that was relevant to myself. I will be looking to it as a resources for sure as I continue to develop my own online business.

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Steven Post author

      You can start with social media on your first post if you want. Start slow, with a couple of platforms that don’t distract you from content creation, and get the word out. If you use videos then YouTube is a must.

      There isn’t really a reason to wait.

      If you have an advertising budget then look at Facebook, probably the best bang for the buck. If you’re interested in PPC then check out Bing, it’s a bit cheaper than Adwords.

      Hope this helps and thanks for the comment Connor.

  6. Jaedan

    First off, this is a really nice explanation, and I can totally see and agree with the first few steps! You have to have something that people want to get their attention and grow an audience, the better you can provide it to them at both your and their conveniences the better! Nice post, waiting for more!

    1. Steven Post author

      High quality content that solves the readers problems is the name of
      the game. If you can provide that, you’ll be a success for sure.

      Thanks for the comment Jaedan!

  7. Julia Kossowska

    Wow!  That is an exciting suggestion!

    When you say generate income within three months, is that just when money starts coming in, or do you think it could be a full-time income within 3 months?

    I can see if you are selling a product or service that is expensive then maybe just one customer will do it.  Is that what you are suggesting?

    Or do you think 3 months is enough to get a flow of customers?

    I’m looking forward to Part 2.

    All the best!


    1. Steven Post author

      I meant just earning something, not likely a full time income that quick. Once the income starts and you keep moving in the right direction, I don’t see why you couldn’t be earning a living income in six months or so. It does depend on a lot of factors though.

      Pick affiliate programs that pay a sufficient percentage, the product is high quality and the company has a good reputation and six months is reachable I think.

      Thanks for the comment Julia!

  8. Parmi

    I think the one point that resonates with me the most is the ‘solution that you offer’ point. I think this is what I look at every blog and I try to figure out how I can help the reader. If a blog solves a problem for someone, it is a good blog. It also means that you will build traffic – because it is good content. Ha, I still remember my first blog which talked about how one should run and focused on running form. It was great, but a vital part I forgot was to put in affiliate links because without it there is no income. Anyone have this issue too?


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