How To Start A New Blog That Generates Income In Under 3 Months – Part 2

In the previous post, we looked at six steps to take toward building a blog that produces income within three months. In this second part of the post, we look at four more steps that you must take to complete the process.

But first, a quick recap of what we discussed:

  • Step #1: Stop Gathering Information
  • Step #2: What Solution Do You Offer?
  • Step #3: Essential Tools For Getting Started
  • Step #4: Craft A Few Pillar Posts Around Your Solution
  • Step #5: Build Your Email List
  • Step #6: Your Main Offer

In the last step, we talked about the two ways of going into business without having to first create a product, namely either selling services or pre-selling a product that doesn’t exist yet. We discussed how you can get started selling a service, and now we are going to take a quick look at how you can get started with a pre-sale.

With regards to a pre-sale, the whole idea is to sell a particular product before you even start creating it. Design a landing page which talks about the benefits of the intended product and a rough action plan. Never mislead your audience, but be upfront about the fact that they are securing spots on a program that has not been created yet.

An effective way of doing this is via ‘live classes’ that are delivered online. It’s easy to create the course in front of your audience via a webinar or something similar. The great thing about this method is that even if the course doesn’t sell, you lose nothing.

You can adjust your offer, tweak and test different things and only create the product after you’ve found a winner. This means that you will be creating a product to match the offer that converts well, as opposed to trying to convince your audience that they want a product that you have already created.

Step #7: Use Native Ads On Social Media

In the beginning, you cannot rely solely on your blog to attract people – especially not if you want to start making money in the shortest amount of time possible. Your blog will eventually start to bring in visitors, but at the onset, it’s going to be slow going.

The way around that problem is by using paid advertising. This gives you leverage when it comes to flowing traffic to your site, rather than just sitting and waiting for the great Google to show you some favor.

The channels that will provide you with the fastest results for the least money invested include Facebook newsfeed ads, Twitter promoted tweets, Google Adwords, YouTube ads, and maybe LinkedIn.

To be honest, these are way more options than you will need, and you’ll probably be able to make it work with just Facebook. Just be very careful when starting out as Facebook ads can prove to be a massive expense if they are not done the right way. Start with a small budget of about $5 to $10 a day, and use the tips below to help you run successful social ad campaigns.

The least expensive way to reach your audience is to:

  • Build likes on your Facebook page
  • Run paid advertisements directly to a blog post (use those pillar posts you created)
  • Do a video ad and build up views, but the video should be designed to introduce your brand and lead with huge value. This exercise in brand-building ultimately pulls the visitors over to your site.

In the beginning, you will probably find more success with such campaigns as opposed to sending people who don’t know anything about you directly to a squeeze page. Remember, trust is a big factor in whether or not someone does business with you, but at this point, your prospects neither know nor trust you yet.

Follow These Steps To Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Success With Your Social Ads:

  • Install Facebook Pixel on your website. You can either do it manually or use a simple plugin like PixelYourSite which makes the entire process considerably easier.
  • Capture everyone who comes to your website by setting up a custom audience.
  • For each of your pillar posts, set up unique custom audiences to capture everyone who visits them.

Create a campaign for $5 or $10 per day to drive traffic to one of your pillar posts. Invest about two-thirds of that into reaching brand new prospects. This means that you have to put your posts in front of your new business’s ideal customers. Remember that research you did at the beginning of this guide? All that information that you collected will come in handy to help you find your ideal audience where they hang out online.

The remainder of the ad budget you can put into retargeting ads, which will only be shown to those people who previously visited a particular post on your site but didn’t opt in. That ad can go directly to the lead magnet landing page that you created for that post. You have a better chance of getting people to opt in the second time around because at least now they know who you are and what you’re about.

Following the steps outlined above will increase your conversions significantly. This is extremely important to do. After all, if you don’t have an audience, you can’t sit back and wait for them to find you. You must go out and find them, and paid native ads put you in the driver seat and let you reach the groups of people who are ideal customers for your business.

Step #8: Time For A Bit Of Guerilla Marketing

This type of marketing is an advertising strategy which focuses on unconventional and low-cost marketing tactics to yield the maximum exposure for products – and it’s exactly what you need to do in the beginning so that you can learn as much as you can about your market, their wants and needs, and maybe even make some sales.

By now, you are at a phase of your 90-day plan where all the basics are in place. You have published your pillar posts, created your lead magnets, crafted your offer, your email list is all hooked up, and you even have some traffic flowing in from your paid ads.

But, to take it one step further, you need to think a bit outside the box. Get out there, get your elbows dirty. Get more personal with people, have 1-on-1 conversations, and so on.

Some of the things that you might consider doing include:

  • Whenever someone opts into your list, take the time to reach out to them to see if they would be willing to talk to you via Skype. The aim of the conversation would be to find out more about what they want or need, as well as what they are hoping to achieve.
  • As for those people who saw your offer page but did not act on it, ask each of them to give you feedback as to why that is so.
  • Find podcasts and shows in your niche. Reach out to the hosts and ask to be a guest on the show. This is easy to accomplish as these people are always looking for new material.
  • Comment on related forums, social media groups, and other blogs in your niche.

These are just a few examples, but the point here is to make the most of the people who find their way to your website. Don’t treat them like anonymous email contacts, or as pixels on your web traffic graphs but take the time to establish real human connections.

If you’re going to have a successful online business in just three months, then you’re going to have to be the most personable person on the Internet. Remember, we’re in the people business, and our focus is on building relationships with our prospects and customers. It’s never just about making a sale – especially not in the beginning.

You first need to find out as much as you can about what your customers want and need so that you can deliver it to them. This is a vital component of the Product-Market Fit discovery phase, and the data that you collect at this stage could result in you altering your lead magnets or even changing the actual nature of your original offer.

Step #9: Deliver The Promised Solution

Now it’s time to give your customers what they want. In this stage, you will be using paid traffic to test out a variety of elements. Now you can start to see your conversion rates, and you will also be learning a lot from the people that you’re talking to.

You must assimilate all this information and turn it into actionable intel to help you make better business decisions and improve your offer to match what your prospects and customers are asking for. At that point, all that’s left is to simply deliver the product that they want.

Do your best to make it awesome and blow their minds with the amount of value that you pack into it. Make it your mission to help your customers achieve their desired result. Sales are great, email subscribers are awesome, too. But none of it will last unless you are adding real value in the lives of your customers and prospects.

If you deliver effectively in this regard, then your business will grow in leaps and bounds. Your sales will increase and you will get more traffic leverage, which means that your organic traffic will explode and you will be less dependent on paid traffic – and your blog will continue to grow. Which brings us to the next step:

Step #10: Focus On Expansion And Growth

You have just launched your online business, but there is one more thing to do. This part of the process involves ensuring that your business will experience steady and continual growth. You need to find new ways of improving your delivery so that you can deliver better, deliver more, and at scale.

If you kicked off with a service offer, now is the time to find effective ways of systematizing things. You could record everything you do and then create training for it. In that simple process lies your opportunity to eventually create and launch a product that will help you either raise your prices or be able to phase yourself out of the service offers altogether.

No matter how well you do, in this business, it’s important to never rest on your laurels or to act like you have ‘arrived’. That is the quickest way to fail online because the minute you stop creating actively is the moment that your business begins to die.

So what’s the solution? To simply Create, Create, and Create some more.

As entrepreneurs, most of our time needs to be spent in the creative mode. You need to be constantly creating what your customers want and need. Don’t concentrate too much on the next task, or on the never-ending parade of things that you have to check off your list.

What you need to do now is to start looking beyond the 90-day deadline, and begin thinking about how you are going to expand your business (hopefully with the same enthusiasm that brought you to the three-month mark).

In Conclusion

Now that you have come to the end of this mega post, the only thing left to say is good luck on your next 90 days. The path ahead may seem a little complicated and daunting, but (as with everything else in your life that is worthwhile) all it takes is the right attitude and a little determination, and you will be rewarded with a successful and profitable online business in just a few short weeks.

After all, the step by step path outlined in this guide is one that countless other successful online marketers have traveled before. And if they could do it, you can too! Get started right now and build your blog so that you can begin earning a real income online.

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16 comments on “How To Start A New Blog That Generates Income In Under 3 Months – Part 2

  1. Tim Bennett

    I love your post.

    A very practical and methodical lesson in building a great site.

    I particularly like that you promote paid advertising. It really does step up the speed at which a site grows.

    I also like the idea of reaching out to subscribers to jump on Skype. I use Skype a lot, but not to new subscribers. I will certainly try that.

    Very impressed with your post! Great job


    1. Steven Post author

      If you have the budget, paid ads will certainly speed things along. They have their downsides, they cost money, and paid ads aren’t as trusted as organic search results.

      They do work though and should be part of your marketing if you have a budget for them.

      Thanks for the comment Tim!

  2. Norman

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I’m new to online marketing, so I’m going to have to re-look through all this rich information, calmly and deliberately. I feel much more comfortable selling services, but the product pre-sale explanation piqued my interest and has prompted me to not be so hasty to discard this possibility. I also like the responsiveness of creating a product based on customer feedback so as to create the most tailored product possible for the greatest number of people. You’ve given me an enormous amount to reflect on. 

    All the best,

    1. Steven Post author

      I’m happy to hear the post gave you some food for thought. Sounds like you are on the right track.

      Thanks for the comment Norman!

  3. Kit

    I always wonder if I let my blog sit down. Will Google help me to bring traffic in? Spending some ads everyday can be expensive for me as a beginner. I prefer a free method. I know that blogging to make money is not a quick way. It is very slow paced. Keeping my patience.

    1. Steven Post author

      If you have more time than money then patience is key. You don’t ever have to spend money on ads if you are willing to work and wait. Keep posting quality content and the traffic will come.

      Thanks for the comment Kit!

  4. Wei

    Wow, that’s some good systematic step by step instructions. Especially the part about paid traffic I find useful. I have always wanted to invest in paid traffic to speed up the process. However everyone says it can waste a lot of money if done wrong. That’s what prevent me from putting my money into it. 

    Is there more resources you can share about paid traffic. I think I’m not the only one who is afraid of doing it wrong. 

    Thanks for the comprehensive guide.

  5. Daniel

    Great article Steven, I was thinking that it is impossible to generate income under even 6 months but you really interested me with this. Now I see why am I not getting success. I am not working on Facebook and I have not build my email list primarily because I think that it is time consuming we need extra money for that.

    1. Steven Post author

      To make something work fast you will have to spend some money. It is possible to spend very little but you have to wait longer is all. I would try to work out something in the middle you are comfortable with, maybe experiment with paid ads but slowly, so you don’t strain your budget.

      Thanks for the comment Daniel!


    Starting a new blog is not easy, you have identify solution for new beginners in your post but I have tried Facebook ads which I failed woefully though maybe my inexperienced that caused that to happen to me but many of my friends still record the same of my experience but where I have success is where you mentioned email list. In fact it flowing income for me, so I will have advice the new blogger to make email list a compulsory task. Though there are number of ways to get traffic but a lot of them require lot of money. Indeed you offer value in this post

  7. Kenny

    Hi and thanks for expanding on your previous posts. After reading your article carefully, I would ask, is there a way to borrow down your target demographic before spending money on ads, or do you habe to invest a small amount on trial and error to find out where your target audience is? I spent a bit on Facebook ads previously and did not get great results, until I tweaked my search criteria and then I started getting better traffic. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, thanks Kenny 

    1. Steven Post author

      You will likely have to experiment a bit. But if you research your target platform before spending money you’ll give yourself a chance to breakeven on the ads, if not make a little. Read up and learn from others mistakes before you jump in and spend money whenever possible.

      Thanks for the comment Kenny!

  8. Otis Dube

    How to generate income in under three months that sound great An effective way of doing this is via ‘live classes’ that are delivered online. It’s easy to create the course in front of your audience via a webinar or something similar. The great thing about this method is that even if the course doesn’t sell, you lose nothing. since the ads starts from £5-£10 a day  it will subdue your pocket financially though is bringing and leaving traffic for the audience on the table for this reason I am out.

    ALL the best

    1. Steven Post author

      If you have more time than money, just wait for organic traffic. If you want things to happen faster, you’ll have to spend some money to do that.

      I prefer a balanced approach, do some research and experiment a bit. It’s possible to make a profit with paid ads if you do it correctly.

      Thanks for the comment Otis!


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