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Internet Jetset – Affiliate Marketing From Scratch

Internet Jetset Overview

Internet Jetset is an affiliate marketing course designed by John Crestani. The training offered is targeted toward people with no previous experience in the online marketing space. The course is set up to get you started from scratch, everything from setting up a website, to how to get free traffic and monetize the pages through affiliate marketing.

Mr. Crestani and his Internet Jetset marketing program enjoy a pretty good reputation among his peers in the online marketing community. The course contains multiple modules explaining just about everything you need to get up and running, but the training is all that’s provided, a website and the tools needed are added expenses. There is a Facebook community Mr. Crestani frequents and offers advice through.

The course is sold through an affiliate network and offers a 60% commission if you wish to resell the program. The initial price of $47 (recurring monthly) seems inline with similar courses. The program contains a number of up-sells but they aren’t required and all add value to the training. The standalone basic training is all that is really required to get yourself started earning.

The Sales Page

The sales page lacks information on the program but instead has a good quality video and a sign up form for a free introductory webinar. No credit card is required to sign up for the webinar, however. There doesn’t seem to be a direct way to purchase the product outside of the webinar. The sales video is a little hype-ish in my opinion. I would have liked to see a bit more about what the program offers instead of fast cars in Las Vegas.

The video starts off with a few happy customers talking about how they got their first commissions after implementing the training. The ‘flashy sell’ of the video and its catchy music are a bit outside of my tastes and might have deterred me from moving forward initially. Otherwise, the sales material is fairly well done, just lacking in real information about the benefits of the program.


Good Reputation: Mr. Crestani appears to have a good reputation in the space. He has appeared in TV interviews including Fox, CBS, and NBC. He has also done multiple interviews including Forbes, and Business Insider.

Training Focuses On Free Traffic: The training focuses on getting free, organic traffic as opposed to paid traffic. Paying for traffic, especially early on, is usually a recipe for failure unless you have deep pockets. Understanding how to get free traffic is very important because it is almost always of superior quality vs. paid traffic.

Multi-Module Course Including Videos: The course contains a lot of video training. Video is easier for many to absorb and lowers learning fatigue but you may have to pause the video from time to time to take notes. The basic course contains 12 modules covering an array of subjects including hours of video learning.

Monthly Live Webinars: Included in the subscription are monthly live webinars designed to help students with common problems related to online marketing. Replays are also available in an archive if you run into scheduling conflicts.

Original Training: Most of the training appears to have been created in-house. There are no repackaged YouTube videos passed off as original content. Mr Crestani appears in many of the videos on the Internet Jetset site.

Good Quality Bonus Material: The bonus material is good quality, not free content harvested from elsewhere on the Internet, like many other sites.

Quality Up-sells: Usually I complain about up-sells because of the way they are used. But, in this case, they are of good quality and aren’t required to get a lot out of the basic training. Start with the basic $47 a month package and decide later if the up-sells are for you.

Community: There is a Facebook based community frequented by Mr. Crestani where support and advice can be had when necessary. Community is also useful when we get discouraged as we all do from time to time. A community also shows confidence in the product, I am unaware of a shady product that maintains any kind of community.

60 Day Guarantee: A 60 day money back guarantee is available from Internet Jetset, but the process of getting a refund is unknown.


Not Quick: The Internet Jetset program is about building a business from the ground up so you won’t be rolling in cash overnight. This will take an investment in time and some money to get rolling.

Startup Cost: A website, domain name and tools aren’t going to be free. There is some startup costs involved so be prepared for this.

No Free Tools: The tools used in the Internet Jetset training aren’t included. Most will cost to use and are provided by third parties.

Rating & Wrap Up

If affiliate marketing is an interest for you I recommend Internet Jetset. The training is based on practical experience and is generally actionable. The step-by-step format is easy to follow and the go at your own pace prevents information overload. The fact there is a community is a huge plus as well, where you can get support and encouragement when needed.

Not all of the training is revolutionary, if you have any experience in affiliate or online marketing, at least some of the training will likely be familiar. But if you are new to marketing online, you should get a lot out of the basic training provided by the Internet Jetset website.

It also helps that the site operator has a good reputation in his space. Internet Jetset training is based on the practices of an actual online entrepreneur with a solid record.

Overall, the value offered for the price is good and much can be learned if you are new to the Internet marketing game. The fact that nothing is left out, starting with a website, tool use, getting traffic and monetizing your site assures you can get an online income started with some effort.

You can sign up for the Internet Jetset free webinar to find out more and purchase if affiliate marketing interests you.

Feel free to post your comment below. I especially want to hear from you if you have personal experience with this product. An email address is required but it will not be shared with anyone, put on any list, or used for any kind of marketing, just to alert you if there are any replies. Thanks and happy hunting!



*The articles on this site are my opinion based on thorough research and/or personal experience vs. the claims made by the product sales pitch. The information provided is for educational purposes only. Your experience may vary and you are encouraged to research all products and form an opinion of your own prior to making any purchase.

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  1. Himbru

    Thanks for the great review. In every affiliate marketing program one needs to invest some amount. AS without a website it’s hard to do affiliate marketing. So, before starting affiliate marketing, one needs to invest in hosting, design, and even in content. This cost is obvious. For me investment does not matter, only the training matters as without proper training it is hard to start affiliate marketing.
    In my opinion, Internet Jetset is good in providing best training for newbie affiliate market. It’s one best online platform to learn affiliate marketing.

    1. admin

      Affiliate marketing does require education. If you rely only on trial and error, it slows you down so much, you’ll probably get discouraged before your online business ever gets off the ground. It doesn’t matter which course you choose, just be sure it is high quality and not one that starts off cheap, only to suck you in with a bunch of up-sells to get anything useful out of it.

      Always do your research before choosing an affiliate marketing education program!

  2. stefanie

    Hi there, I really like the sound of this jetset affiliate marketing because it is AFFORDABLE, and that’s not something you see a lot of these days in the online marketing world.
    So many times I’ve listened to speel and then been hit with massive upsells and it’s so disheartening.
    I’m glad you have done an honest review of what seems like a legitimate company that offers good training. And as soon as hear that there is a community I always know that it’s for real and not a scam so that is another huge pus point. You may not make money over night with this but it is so much better to build out a good long term business properly rather than falling for these get rich quick scams. Thanks for the great review.

    1. admin

      All of the good training I have come across requires time and some effort. The Internet Jetset provides quality training without required up-sells and gets you off to a good start with affiliate marketing. Community is really important because you know you can get help and encouragement. Also, it proves the training is real.and good quality.

      Thanks for the comment Stefanie!

  3. Ed

    Thanks for the article about Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing From Scratch. Well written and very informative.
    It is refreshing to read about a legit online training program. We seem to be inundated with so many scams, or at least training that only works if you buy all the overly expensive upgrades.
    Keep up letting everyone know about the good, as well as the bad and the ugly.

    1. admin

      Honest training products can be hard to find, this is one of the only ones of any quality I have run across. Thanks Ed.

  4. Jack Taylor

    I ‘ve been doing a lot of research lately about making money online. Affiliate marketing sounds like the best way to go from everything that I’ve read so I’m looking for a place to learn. After reading your review, Jetset Affiliate marketing sounds like the right place for me so I’m heading over to the FREE webinar right now to get started!


    1. admin

      Cool. I think you will enjoy the program. Best of luck in your online adventures!

  5. JohnB

    The jetset affiliate program was the one I wanted to get into before discovering Wealthy Affiliate. I was pleasantly surprised by Jon Crestani’s webinar of how he approaches his viewers and his persuasion when talking. I believe that I am in good hands with WA but his program would definitely be a great alternative. My only complaint is, as you mentioned too, his free webinar where he shows off expensive cars. With all the scam all over the internet, it is hard to distinguish between the good and bad programs out there. Money does not come overnight, how true.

    1. Steven Mann

      Crestani’s marketing methods diminish his credibility a bit in my opinion. He has a good program he could promote in a straight forward manner but he chose to use flash instead. Ah well, I am happier with Wealthy Affiliate anyhow, it was a really smart move signing up there. Internet Jetset is a good affiliate training program but WA has a better one if you ask me and includes all the tools needed.

      Thanks for the input John!

  6. Jordan

    Overall this sounds like a pretty good program.

    I’m definitely also pretty careful about programs that have hyped up sales pages, filled with overly compelling imagery.

    It’s definitely a con that there is so much that requires you to purchase additional materials, especially early on. $47/month seems like enough to pay. How does Internet Jetset compare to Wealthy Affiliate in that regard?

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Steven

      Wealthy Affiliate is the better program overall because you don’t need any external tools, everything you need to be successful is provided, no up-sells, no games. If you are on the fence between the two, go with WA for sure!

      Thanks for the question Jordan!

  7. Ken Vannortwick

    Great review on the Internet Jetset Affiliate Marketing program. Any program that you get into will take time. Glad you pointed that out. Myself I’m a value shopper when it comes to choosing internet training courses.

    We personal like a one stop shop where everything is included with no up sells and no tools to buy. So it’s $47 a month and you have to buy the extra tools you need like maybe a keyword research tool. What about images, do they include them? Hosting and SSL certificates your going to have to purchase.

    How large is their community and and how long have they been around? Do they offer coaching? Like we said we always go for value. That is why we choose Wealthy Affiliate because you get the tools, community and the training for $2 more per month.

    1. Steven

      I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is the better value and has superior tools.

      Thanks for the input Ken!

  8. Verovec

    In Affiliate Marketing, there is huge potential of earning money, and many people are not taking it seriously. If you can have a website from which you earn, then you can have two, five, and ten. That’s what I like the most about Affiliate Marketing – no limits! Anyway, a great post!

    1. Steven

      Very true. Running 10 websites would require a lot of energy though!

      Thanks for the comment Verovec!

  9. ZEGU

    Thank you for a detailed and very informative review of the Internet Jetset.
    Personally, I do not have any experience in using this product. In fact, your post is an eye-opener and has introduced me to the product.
    What I like about the product is its training with a focus on getting free, organic traffic. That is key in terms of running an internet business.
    Also, the fact it offers a 60% commission if I wish to resell the program, is such a good business deal.

    1. Steven

      It is a good product but has a few drawbacks. I guess they all do though huh? I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate, at least as a starting point. Everything you need is provided, there will be no need to buy any extras to get started.

      Thanks for the comment ZEGU!

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