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Profit With Alex – Made For You eCommerce Riches?

Profit With Alex Overview

The Profit With Alex system has to do with made for you e-commerce sites that can be created by anyone in just 5 minutes. Using eBay and Amazon affiliate accounts, the system supposedly creates e-commerce sites that get huge amounts of traffic from willing buyers quickly. The system is cheap because the operator, somehow, earns a small commission from each of your sales.

It appears, on the surface, Profit With Alex is an all in one turnkey e-commerce business that requires almost no effort on your part. The software, hosted on a web page, helps you select in demand product from eBay and Amazon with low competition. All you have to do is pick a product and follow the easy 5 steps to instantly create a website that will somehow generate large amounts of traffic to itself. How this traffic is generated is never explained.

The program is run through an affiliate network and offers a 75% commission if you wish to resell the system itself. The initial price for this system is suspiciously low. The sales video claims the software itself is free, the $37 front-end fee is to cover hosting costs. But, if you consider the 75% commission paid to re-sellers, the fee couldn’t possibly cover hosting for a week let alone a lifetime.

The Sales Page

The sales page consists of just the sales video followed by an attempt to capture email addresses prior to going to the checkout page. The video wasn’t convincing to me, it starts with legitimate news casts talking about making money from home, but none directly reference the system itself. These are just edited clips likely discussing real opportunities, not Profit With Alex, this attempt at legitimacy is thin and deceptive.

The rest of the video demonstrates the software in action. One thing I noticed, in the SEO step is the selection of keywords to be targeted. All were very high competition and the pages generated were very unlikely to rank in the first 10 pages let alone the first page of Google or any search engine. The description used for the new site was short and unlikely to satisfy the search engines. Also, the website generated was very generic, contained no content aside from the products themselves and some reviews from Amazon.

This cookie-cutter approach will never rank high in any search engine even if long tail keywords were employed. The pages are almost sure to be pegged as duplicate content. No free traffic could ever be generated, at least with search engines, for the pages created by the software. The sales material is deceptive and reveals a system that may have worked 10 years ago but is sure to fail today.

I discovered an oddity with the sales page. If you look at the domain with no trailing directory,, here is what you get:

Now if you back up, the system is no longer sold out! You get a completely different page and video with a recap of some of the first video showing how easy the system is to use. A miracle, more spots opened up! This type of deception is a big red flag and should be a clue that Profit With Alex isn’t likely a good or honest product.


Easy To Use: The system is step by step and easy to use. It finds products through eBay and Amazon and creates a generic page people can use to purchase through your affiliate accounts. Aside from the product, the software also pulls product reviews by users from Amazon and eBay.

Inexpensive: At only $37 for hosting, how can you go wrong?

60 day Guarantee: You get 60 days to request a refund. Nothing else is known about refunds or what might be involved.


Obsolete System: Profit With Alex may have worked 10 years ago but certainly won’t work at all these days. There is a good chance Amazon and eBay will terminate your accounts if they see the pages this system generates.

Cookie-Cutter Pages: The pages the system creates are generic and contain little content aside from the products themselves and user reviews from the respective site. I seriously doubt they will convert at all. No one is going to purchase anything from such a generic presentation of anything.

Flawed SEO: The keywords selected in the video were very high competition and the generic page generated won’t rank where anyone will ever see them. Even with paid traffic, these pages aren’t going to convince anyone to purchase through them. The supposed ‘Traffic Accelerator’ was presented as a magic button, no explanation of how it generates massive amounts of traffic was ever offered.

Deceptive Sales Tactics: When you try to leave the page you get popups, and other attempts to get back your attention. The sales video itself comes across as scamy and presents a lot of half-truths about how easy it is to get rich with no effort. The news clips in the beginning of the video are a thin attempt to gain credibility, as if the mainstream media is talking about Profits With Alex, but they are just generic and no product is actually mentioned.

Operator’s Commission: The sales material claims the Profit With Alex software is free. They get a small commission from each of your sales. But how? Does Amazon and eBay pay this commission from your affiliate account? If not, then who? This is another deception that leads me to believe even more deception is at play I probably missed.

Magic Button Traffic: As mentioned previously, the ‘Traffic Accelerator’ is presented as a magic traffic producing button. This one step traffic system needed no explanation and none was offered. As a matter of fact, the video even tells you not to worry about how it works. I sure wish there was such a thing, I could get rich on that alone! Sorry folks, this is a blatant lie.

No Control: Aside from selecting a niche and creating the one size fits all pages, you have no control over anything about this system. There are serious downsides to a system that has complete control over your business especially if that system is this flawed.

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Rating & Wrap Up

I do not recommend Profit With Alex as a viable alternative to real affiliate marketing. The deceptive sales tactics are pretty obvious to the trained eye and the structure of the entire system is deeply flawed. The cookie-cutter approach not only won’t attract traffic from search engines, it is likely to get your affiliate accounts terminated.

The sales material is exaggerated in both income and ease of the system. The generic pages generated will have a very low conversion rate even if you manage to get anyone to see them.

The SEO demonstrated in the video is useless, the keywords selected were very high in competition and getting even really good content to rank under them would be difficult.

The sales tactics used for the system demonstrates to me the product and it’s creators are dishonest and simply out to make a buck, not really to help anyone else make money. I would stay away from Profits With Alex and find something that has a chance of actually working. There are much better ways to do affiliate marketing.

Feel free to post your comment below. I especially want to hear from you if you have personal experience with this product. An email address is required but it will not be shared with anyone, put on any list, or used for any kind of marketing, just to alert you if there are any replies. Thanks and happy hunting!



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  1. Jordan

    Oh man, thanks for the review!

    This kind of stuff has actually gotten to the point where it hits a panic button inside of me. I’ve become so wary and paranoid about systems claiming to create easy riches, especially when they’re encapsulated in an overly urgent message designed to capture emails.

    Do you have much experience with affiliate marketing? Or e-commerce?

    1. Steven Mann

      I have experience with affiliate marketing but none with e-Commerce. In my experience there are no magic buttons or one size fits all systems to earn good money online. If you’re interested, check out Wealthy Affiliate, it will train you to create a real business online that works.

      Thanks for the comment Jordan.

  2. Toni

    Hi Steven,
    Good of you to show how obsolete such programs like PWA are. The unfortunate thing is there are still people desperate looking for a golden bullet.

    Strangely the internet ignorant won’t get all the negatives staring them in the face on the sales page.

    You’ve given a great choice as an alternative – I’m a firm believer in WA myself.

    1. Steven Mann

      Thanks. Sadly, there will always be people that aren’t aware that magic bullets like this just don’t work until they have already experienced it for themselves.

      I feel good knowing I am warning those who research such offers ahead of spending any money on them.

      Thanks for your input Toni!

  3. Steve

    I can’t stand programs like Profit With Alex because the creators of these programs KNOW they can’t possibly work!
    When I was first looking into ways to make money online, this is something I might have gotten sucked into myself. What really gets me is the fact that they spend as much time and effort to create scams as it would take to create something of real value.
    Of course then you would have to be honest about the WORK that’s involved with building a business and heaven forbid you tell people about that.

    1. Steven Mann

      I agree. There is always the temptation to create an all-in-one solution, but one doesn’t really exist, at least not in that form. Any online business worth pursuing will require work. But if you learn how and are willing to do the work you almost can’t fail!

      I’m glad you didn’t get sucked into this particular offer.

      Thanks for the input Steve!

  4. Violet Yap

    I went through your website, everything look nice and intact. Except your About Me page, I think you should include your picture to compliment the overall website which has alot of pictures according to the articles. I think the audience will be more engaged if you place your pic in About Me page.

    1. Steven Mann

      You think people will want to look at this ugly mug? It would scare them away! lol

  5. Michael

    Thanks for the review about Alex for you ecommerce riches. I have always been cautious when a program says they can make you thousands of dollars with very little work on your part.

    After reading this review it just reconfirms what I already thought — which I’d basically its too good to be true.

    Thanks for the heads up about this system and I’ll be sure to steer clear from it.

    1. Steven

      Happy to hear you got some good information from the review.

      Thanks for the comment Michael!

  6. James Underwood

    Like a lot of people I’m always looking for ways to make more money. When I find something that is blatant BS, I try to warn others about it.

    I think you have uncovered one of those things, and I thank you for not pumping it, like so many others do.

    I can definitely vouch for Wealthy Affiliate though, it is the real deal. I have learned so much, I can’t even believe it.

    It isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it is work. But like all things that are actually worth it, it will take some time.

    1. Steven

      You’re right, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. It has one of the few training programs I recommend.

      Thanks for the comment James!

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