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Speed Wealth System – Done For You Affiliate Marketing?

Speed Wealth System Overview

The Speed Wealth System is another, all done for you, affiliate marketing system targeting beginners. As a beginner, you may not be ready to set up everything necessary to run a successful online business. This system appears to be the solution to that problem. It claims to provide a ready-made, one stop marketing platform that you only need to promote to make substantial profits.

The marketing material is not only targeting beginners, it also seems to target the desperate, people living on their last dime. It leads off with a good quality sales video complete with a story about how the owner was basically bankrupt. It later covers a 5 step process to getting your Speed Wealth System up and running. The process appears to be quick and simple but the sales material does leave out some details.

The program is run through an affiliate network and offers a 50% commission if you wish to resell the system itself including the up-sells. That really is the product though, itself. The training material teaches you how to resell the system and the training but not much else. The initial price of $47, later down-sold for $27, seems reasonable enough, but there is also a recurring $19 a month fee that isn’t clearly pointed out, it is only noted in the fine print, sneaky huh?

The Sales Page

The marketing material below the slick sales video is in the usual single page format common with these types of offers. The Initial video has good production value and features the actual owner of the product, not actors or simple voice-overs. The material on the page is extensive and contains a few video testimonials outside the sales video at the beginning. There is an animated GIF of the operator spewing $100 bills from his hand which comes across as seamy in my opinion.

The Speed Wealth System is marketed to be almost effortless for the end user but one critical detail is left out, you still have to provide the traffic. This detail is glossed over as ‘automatic’ and presented as a passive activity. You just need to follow the simple steps and everything happens on its own after that. The claims made about income potential are exaggerated as well. The implication you could earn $10,000 in 30 days time with this system is nonsense.


Easy To Use: The system is mostly done for you aside from promotion. Just follow the steps to get an affiliate link, plug it in and start promoting. No need for a website of your own or marketing experience.

Training: Training on how to resell the system is provided but is pretty basic if you don’t get the up-sells as well.

Support: The Speed Wealth System comes with support to its end users.

60 Day Guarantee: You have 60 days to try out the Speed Wealth System before asking for a refund. Nothing else is known about refunds or how long they may take.


Cookie-Cutter Squeeze Pages: The whole system is cookie-cutter and you will be promoting the exact same pages that everyone else will be, unless you purchase the rights to resell it under your own brand. This means you will be up against stiff competition and market saturation.

You Do The Hard Part: Offers like this always gloss over this part. Where does this effortless, usually claimed to be free, traffic come from? This is your part and I promise it won’t be effortless if you intend to acquire free traffic. If you utilize paid traffic, it won’t be free of course, but also magnifies the risks you take when promoting the offer due to the possibility of losses.

Up-Sells: This system is the reason I hate this particular marketing tactic. If you just stick with the initial offer and don’t buy the up-sells, you are getting a pretty low quality product overall and the site operator knows it. The whole idea behind the Speed Wealth System is to push up-sells.

Down-Sells: The marketing material is filled with down-sells which always make me feel ripped off if I figure out I paid full price later on. There is an attempt to get your attention back with a completely different page if you attempt to leave the offer with a down-sell. Of course, this is a ‘limited time, never to be repeated’ offer which is untrue. The up-sells inside the system also contain down-sells so this is a common practice by the operator.

No Control: You have no control over your business when you promote a system like this. This system is used to simply promote itself, there seems to be no other product aside from the thin training.

Sneaky Tactics: The initial cost of $47 or the down-sell of $27, whichever you end up paying, seems like what you have to pay for the system. But, in the fine print out of sight, is the notice you have to pay a $19 monthly fee to remain in the system past the first 30 days. Also, the countdown timer on the sales page counts down to a non-event. The page isn’t even clear what the timer’s purpose is aside from hastening your response to the offer.

Ethical Lapses: The monthly fee being buried in fine print is certainly an ethical lapse in my opinion. This monthly charge should be prominent and clear, the sales material claims the hosting is free, what is the $19 charge for then? This behavior alone is enough for me to avoid the Speed Wealth System. Add this to the thin initial product and up-sells, you get a dishonest product aimed at the desperate who likely can’t afford these charges to start with.

Exaggerated Claims: The marketing material makes numerous exaggerated claims about income potential. There is little chance of making $10,000 in your first 30 days even with a sizable marketing budget for paid traffic. Odds are, if you poured money into paid traffic, you would likely come out the other end with a loss, or at least that risk is there.

No Community: There is no community so all support comes from the site itself. Any system that lacks a community probably has a reason for this, mainly, quality. If there was a community, it would likely contain a lot of complaints instead of helpful advice for others to follow.

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Rating & Wrap Up

The Speed Wealth System isn’t recommended as the one stop platform it claims to be. I am not saying you couldn’t make money with this system if you had a clever way to promote it, but your chances of success are low if you use the normal channels in the training. The cookie-cutter approach this system uses is common and not unique as the sales materials claim.

The exaggerated income potential is just more of the same you see with similar offers. Getting rich promoting an offer like this isn’t likely because you will be promoting the same thing everyone else is that buys into this. Market saturation with cookie-cutter squeeze pages will almost always prevent your success.

The Speed Wealth System itself is thin and the fact it is a system designed to only promote its own resale means the operator is the only one who will truly benefit.

The market target of beginners and the desperate is pretty distasteful and demonstrates the owner isn’t entirely ethical, add in the ‘hidden’ monthly fee, you have a suspicious end product that you should probably avoid. There are much better ways to do affiliate marketing with real, useful products you can be proud to promote. Any system which simply resells itself is likely just going to benefit the owner and leave you disappointed and poorer in the end.

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