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Super Sales Machine – A Marketing System For ‘Stone-Cold’ Newbies?

Super Sales Machine Overview

The Super Sales Machine is another all-in-one marketing system aimed at those with limited or no online marketing skills. The system claims you can make thousands of dollars with little effort in a short period of time. No website set up or management is required, everything is already prepared for you and training, traffic and everything else is provided.

The sales page isn’t clear about anything really. Where does the traffic come from? What products will you be promoting? Not even the price of the system is on the initial sales page, you have to trade your email address to find out how much the system initially costs. Overall, this system is very opaque and confusing at first glance.

The Super Sales Machine is sold through an affiliate network and offers a 50% commission on its many up-sells if you wish to promote the system itself. The initial price is very high considering there are 3 additional levels (up-sells) beyond the starting price of $97, plus the 3 additional levels of $97 each.

The Sales Page

The marketing material is laid out in the typical single page format starting with a short sales video of decent quality. The page really doesn’t say much about the actual program, how it works, or where the promised traffic comes from. The page selling the Super Sales Machine is largely testimonials. Much of the rest of the material is dedicated to convincing you how much work and skill affiliate marketing requires.

The sales page is confusing and opaque leaving out all the details of the system, what you’ll be selling and how. It’s only apparent purpose is to persuade that you lack the skills and knowledge to achieve online marketing without the system. As usual, it tries to convince its reader that their part in the deal is the easy part, pointing traffic at their ready-made web pages that convert like crazy.

The amount of space dedicated to just testimonials in the sales material is unusual. Because the page doesn’t present much useful information, the space used for testimonials makes some sense. Take out the testimonials, and the marketing material would be strangely short for this type of offer.


Easy To Use: You won’t need your own website or the skills to run and manage one. Everything is already set up for you in advance provided you buy into all the up-sells.

No Marketing Skills: You don’t need any online marketing skills to use the Super Sales Machine. It is supposedly designed for the ‘Stone-Cold’ Newbie.

You Only Have One Job: Your task in this is the easiest of all, just provide high quality, targeted traffic to their ready-made sales pages (uh huh <- insert sarcasm here).

Training Provided: You will be provided training to promote the ready-made sales pages. The training is largely generic and you could learn most of it for free elsewhere.

60 Day Guarantee: You have 60 days to ask for a refund, but nothing else is known about what is involved or if questions would be involved.


Lots Of Hype: The sales material is all unrealistic hype. Making thousands of dollars in a few days with any online venture is simply not possible. The sales page is mostly testimonials of unknown origin and material designed to convince its readers of the difficulty of affiliate marketing. The short initial sales video provides no real information about the system and seems designed to heighten hype only.

Up-Sells: This system is exactly why I hate this marketing tactic. After paying the ridiculous initial entry price of $97, you are immediately hit with no less that 3 additional up-sells, all $97 each to ‘upgrade’. There is a ‘smart setup’, ‘expert setup’ and ‘platinum setup’. So, you aren’t getting even close to what you thought right off the bat. There’s more up-sells as well, licenses to re-sell the system plus other memberships, including a recurring monthly fee to maintain your rights.

No Control: With programs like Super Sales Machine you have no control over the back-end or what is promoted. Putting your business in someone else’s hands completely like this is never a good idea. If the back-end is simply designed to sell, all the list members will just unsubscribe negating your hard work.

Building Their List: Any leads sent to their sales pages will go toward building their list, not yours. You won’t have control over the back-end marketing or what is sent to that list. It’s impossible to know if they are using this list for their own purposes, cutting you out or not.

Initial Cost: The entry cost of $97 is way too high for this type of system. The fact that it will cost you $388 to ‘upgrade’ to get the full benefit is ridiculous to put it kindly. It doesn’t end there, there are a number of additional up-sells you may have to buy to gain everything you need to have a chance of making anything with this system.

Questionable Ethics: In my opinion, ethics are in question because of the way the sales page is designed to confuse, is opaque in details about how the system works and what you will be promoting. You have to trade your email address to even find out how much it costs to get in, the sales page is silent about the initial cost. The up-sells that may be required to even make the system work is also suspect. The operator is obviously only interested in his own enrichment, not to help people learn to make money online.

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Super Sales Machine Rating & Wrap Up

The Super Sales Machine is an over hyped, generic system that I do not recommend to anyone. The sales material is opaque and is designed to convince you that the skills necessary to market online are too difficult for you to learn. The large number of testimonials comes off as slightly desperate to convince you how wonderful the program is. The short sales video isn’t terribly convincing and only serves to heighten the hype, without providing any real information about the system itself.

You will be doing all the hardest work if you sign up for this program. Getting quality, targeted traffic is not easy, so don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

Getting in at $97 is too expensive, not to mention the up-sells, at a whopping, additional $388 to gain the full benefit of the program is nothing short of ludicrous.

This type of system isn’t likely to earn you much online if anything at all. Too many opportunity seekers are on to this type of system and won’t spend their money on its sales methods. Stay away from the Super Sales Machine, there are much better ways to earn honest money online, don’t let sales materials like this convince you it’s not possible, because it is.

Feel free to post your comment below. I especially want to hear from you if you have personal experience with this product. An email address is required but it will not be shared with anyone, put on any list, or used for any kind of marketing, just to alert you if there are any replies. Thanks and happy hunting!



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  1. Judy

    I had not heard of the Super Sales Machine before but I have seen many others like it. You have very comprehensively explained what they are and what they are about and totally convinced me that they are not worth engaging with. After reading your list of cons I would not waste my time, even the pros did nothing to stimulate any interest. Thank you for alerting us to yet another online con machine.

    1. Steven Mann

      Sure thing Judy. There really is no such thing as a fire and forget get rich system. Making money online will always involve some work.

      Thanks again for the comment!

  2. Terry

    Hi Steven
    I really like the setting out format of this review and the fact that you have included the social media share buttons.
    Like you, I have mixed feelings about the product and you might want to advise readers of the financial commitment.
    Some good graphics and a composite list of pros and cons. I like it!

    1. Steven Mann

      Thanks Terry. Glad it helped you out.

  3. Jordan

    Thanks for reviewing this!

    It sounds appealing, and that’s part of the problem. The hype really plays into the appeal of easy money. But that’s not realistic, and if you look past the hyped opening you find that there’s both a lot more work, and a lot more money they require of you to succeed.

    It’s not that it wouldn’t work at all, but these upselling schemes are so deadly. And as you pointed out, there’s better out there.

    Do you have a review of Wealthy Affiliate? Thanks.

    1. Steven Mann

      Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate at your leisure.

      I really dislike systems that sell you with hype just to try and up-sell you later. It makes me feel cheated once I realize I didn’t get what I paid for, I have to spend more to get much benefit. Hopefully more people will do their research to avoid being sucked in by systems like these,

      Thanks for the input Jordan.

  4. Dave

    Hi there,

    I love your writing style it is superb I must say, that is a detailed review definitely saves me some money because I do not want to go around dishing money to programs that will return nothing but heartache.
    And I think I completely agree with you this system is more than fishy so thanks once again.

    1. Steven Mann

      No problem. It’s good to do your research before spending money on any product.

      Thanks for the input and best of luck Dave!

  5. Jeff Marshall

    I’m always on the lookout for online programs to promote but I may steer clear of this one. The Super Sales Machine sounds like a lot of other “Fast Money” schemes that I see popping up on a regular basis.
    I’m already a long time member of Wealthy Affiliate. Can you suggest any other great Affiliate Marketing Programs that are worth promoting?
    Cheers, Jeff.

    1. Steven Mann

      To be honest, there aren’t many but Internet Jetset isn’t bad as an online marketing course you can promote but includes none of the needed tools. Affilorama is another similar course on affiliate marketing you could promote. Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation as a source for tools, knowledge and a great program to promote as well.

      Thanks for the comment Jeff!

  6. dreamgirl93

    It’s the first time that I hear about Super Sales Machine but it seems just like the other scams online. I am currently working with Wealthy Affiliate and I’m not planning to change it, so you really explained another program for me but I’m will follow your advice to not engage in it. I really hate upsells so after reading it as one the cons, this only would draw me away. Thank you for letting us know about another not-worthy-to try program.

    1. Steven

      Glad the review helped. Wealthy Affiliate is a program worth checking out, I agree there,

      Thanks for the comment DreamGirl!

  7. Emonne

    Wow, Great Post! I really like how you give us (the readers) an in-depth look at this product and you show us, both the good and the bad. I wasn’t familiar with this product or the program until reading this review. And I have to say, seeing those star ratings for this product, I won’t be wasting my money on this sketchy program anytime soon. Really nice work with the format of this review.

    Thanks for this!

    1. Steven

      Thanks Emonne, glad it helped you out!

      Thanks for the input.

  8. GBIG

    you are right, unfortunately there are many, many, many programs out there that specifically target the “Stone-Cold’ Newbie”. Really there are always people who want to believe that if they send a stranger their money, then the stranger will work non-stop to give that person LOTS of money back. A $97 start up fee followed by $388 all up seems a lot for this package. Super Sales Machine seems like one I need to avoid. Thank you for writing this package. I was just wondering what is the #1 skill that a new person needs to learn in order to be successful in online marketing?

    1. Steven

      Hmm. I guess knowing your customers is a big one. Give the people what they want and you won’t be able to keep them away. It takes a little more than just that but the aforementioned is a very important skill to master.

      Thanks for the comment GBIG!

  9. Harvey Brown

    Hello Steven, very informative and clear. I had not heard of this company but have experienced a similar sales pitch. Mine came over the telephone.
    The pros you listed were really cons to me and signals that the company did not have anyone’s interest at heart but their own.
    I think your approach to reviewing this company was thorough, even down to the testimonials, thank you.

    1. Steven

      Happy to hear the review helped you out..

      Thanks for the comment Harvey!

  10. Michael

    Thanks for your in-depth review about this super sale machine.

    Whenever a program though claims you can make a lot of money in a very short period of time by basically doing nothing (like this one does) — I get very worried and skeptical.

    It seems all they want you to do is try and resell their own products and build up “their” email address do they won’t have too.

    I’ll be sure not to invest in this product thanks.

    1. Steven

      Glad the review helped.

      Thanks for the comment Michael!

  11. Andy Zeus Anderson

    Mohamed Ali called it a Rope a Dope but I call it the Rope a Moron when they offer little to no work, no website needed, and great pay almost overnight and people actually fall for that crap. If it were that easy it would be 97% success rate and 3% failure instead of the other way around. You need a program like Wealthy Affiliate that you mention multiple times to sort out the real from the bull poop about affiliate marketing. It takes work to be a successful affiliate marketer, and rewards come slow but their training can help you reach that 3% that make 80% of the earnings online.

    1. Steven

      There’s certainly a lot of garbage out there. The success rate for these all-in-one systems is probably lower than 3 percent if you ask me but maybe some people get the to work. I don’t recommend this one that’s for sure.

      Thanks for the input Andy!

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