About Me


Welcome to PlanetBizOp.com! My name is Steven Mann and I am the operator and main content creator of this site. Its intention is to give honest reviews of Business Opportunity products and related material for sale online as well as publish informative, educational articles.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of garbage out there, but, there are honest and useful products as well. How do we sort through what’s available? Research is your best weapon and it’s my job to provide some of that information in an honest, unbiased, trustworthy manner. I’ll leave that judgment for you to make though.

My Internet Story

I got online with an Internet account for the first time in 1990 (Yikes!). The Internet was a very different place back then. Almost all of the available sites were run by Universities or Government agencies, almost exclusively from the U.S. and the content was thin, mainly appealing to computer geeks like me.

There was no Web or any kind of visual representation of the Internet at the time. Everything was done on the command line using the Solaris Operating System via a 9600 Baud dial-up modem and VT100 terminal emulator. By today’s standards, this is all ancient technology and has almost completely fallen into disuse.

Little to no commerce was conducted on the Internet way back then. Earning a living online has been an interest of mine for decades but I ran into the same problems many do… What actually works? What is worth my time and money? How do I build a sustainable business online?

I never really stopped looking, but for a long time I got discouraged, because I never really knew what was useful and what was garbage.

Once I started doing my research, I learned what was worth my time and avoided many pitfalls that so may fall into…

Why I Created This Site

I created this site to help you answers some of these questions before you spend any of your hard-earned money. Creating a business online requires a big investment in time and at least some money, very little of it will be free. Sorry if this news is disappointing, there are no magic buttons that will make you rich overnight. Any claims to the contrary should raise serious red flags in your mind.

Lots of people out there are looking for a way to escape the 9 to 5 grind and the lack of security that comes with working for someone else. Unfortunately, there are predators out there looking to take advantage. I hope to help people make their dream of self-reliance come true and take back control of their destiny with a little assurance they can succeed.

My parting advice to all out there looking to help themselves is to do your research! There is a whole world of information to assist you in making good decisions and avoid falling prey to the snake oil salesmen. Keep in mind that not all review sites are created equal. There are sites designed to simply sell you on a product with biased information, with some practice, you’ll learn to spot this tactic if you haven’t already.

Take the time to research the shiny objects and make sure you are heading in the right direction. With some time and effort, you can and will succeed!

Best of luck in your adventures,